monday, monday [da-daa, da-d-da-daaa]

So it’s Monday again. This particular day of the week never, ever ceases to keep coming back. It’s like a leech, it just latches on and won’t let go until you’re sucked dry. On the docket today – absolutely not much. Maybe trying to get that database to work. If I feel up to it, and I don’t decide to just fuck around all morning.

Went out last night with Tore, Emily, Matt and Darcy. Yes, *that* Matt [the Burnz!] and yes, *that* Darcy [his ex]. I don’t know about them, but I had a really good time. Matt’s a riot – I miss his comedy; it’s priceless. Darcy didn’t seem to bad … she’s a looker, and was really nice, what with the smiling and eye contact. I think Matt did better than I did when it came to finding the girl who would cause much anguish. Lucky bastard. Anywho, it was a really good time, and I’m glad we all got together – thanks guys!

I’m always worried that when I meet a new girl that I’m going to come across as creepy, or worse, gay. Why? Well, it’s as simple as my friendliness and massive fucking maw that rarely stops moving. I mean, I meet a nice girl, and instead of being confident, mysterious and enticing, I am a friendly, uber-outgoing, “hi-how-are-you-great-nice-to-meet-you-I’m-randal-did-I-say-hi?-here’s-my-card!” I’m sure that it really makes the first impression a ‘damn he’s weird’ one. Ideas on how to fix this, besides stop being me?

It’s New Year’s Eve … I’m supposed to be joyous and everything, but I’m not … it’s just another day for me – that is, until the booze comes out. I’m stoked about getting thoroughly mind-boggling smashed. Also, the left hand side is updated, with a new mp3otw and other stuff. And the moving out page is getting stale, so go there and add something!

2001-12-31 13:33:39 – realbighead
hey disco, first post! hahahahahahahahahahH!!!!!!!1111roofle
2001-12-31 15:01:44 – The Disco X
/e finger
2001-12-31 15:02:24 – The Disco X
more of Randalll whining, not really worth posting about, no new material, just recycled sobbing.
2001-12-31 16:21:10 – rand0m
Hey, fuck you – I can’t help that I complain and bitch a lot. Well, I can, but I don’t, because there isn’t that much else that’s interesting that I can put up here. I mean, if things were always happy go lucky and equally uninteresting, I’m sure everyone would quickly tire of "My day was so good today, I love life!" It’s not really whether it’s good or bad – it’s whether or not it can hold your attention for more than a few moments.
2001-12-31 19:47:57 – The Disco X
Note the humorous sarcasm I was using. Relax. Drink more.
2002-01-01 10:31:07 – tony
holy shit, i just woke up and the house is still in one piece, nothing burned done or thing kind of disappointed