ahhh, beautiful weather

It’s nice and chilly outside, overcast, a little gray & sunshine, the best. The only way it could be better is if there were no wind. Sometimes I wonder why weather sucks so much. I woke up this morning and noticed right away that my left ankle felt funny — only thing I can think of is that it’s now a pressure barometer, like I’ll be able feel the bad weather coming in my ankle. That bodes not so well for future arthritis endeavors. Ahh well, that’s the breaks. And the snaps. And the excruciating pain that eminates from there when I am bad.

You think that you have lots of body hair, eh? I was thinking about it last night, and there is at least twice as much hair on your head as there is on the rest of your body combined. If you’re me, that is. I thought about what it would be like to shave my legs, and then I promptly began to feel like watching Titanic. It was terrible. Luckily, though, I pulled out my oh-so-masculine “Mustangs and Fords” magazine and rejuvinated my ailing testerone levels.

Spent the morning / early afternoon here at work again, getting our stuff ready for the move to the new and improved billing system, which is supposed to be live on 01/02/02. I am amazed at how much documentation there is on the net when it comes to SQL – it sure helped a lot. That’s the gist — Don’t think I’m doing much today besides eating with Steve and his brother Dave, and maybe seeing a movie? Any fly honeys out there up for a good flick? And a New Year’s party? I feel pretty lame not having a woman to smooch when the clock strikes … that’s the breaks again, though.

2001-12-29 15:21:21 – Burnz
I’ll give you some tounge-lovin’ SQL man.
2001-12-30 02:36:00 – The Disco X
Ankle, stretch it, then soak it in epsum salts and rose petals for 15 minutes, does wonders Body hair, trim your armpits, pelvic region, and chest with a pair of clipppers with a 1/4" gaurd, you’ll feel more comfortable, smell less when you sweat, and women will be more enticed to give blowjobs. Woman for new years? just grab a rand0m one nearby, trust me, they won’t al be taken by then.
2001-12-30 02:52:19 – rand0m
way, way too much information … but goddamn, 1/4" chest hair? Are you a fucking gorilla or something? As for the women, I don’t know. I may be a super kisser, but it’s getting to the kissing that’ll be tough. Unless everyone is drunk. No problems then. 😉
2001-12-30 03:26:22 – Laura
randal? super kisser? ah no! more like "hi, i’m going to slobber all over your lower facial area now." ok, that was mean, but oh so true. also, james or tony or someone else 21, if i give you some money, can you buy me booze for monday? and…this new mick jagger CD is pretty damn good.
2001-12-30 03:38:04 – rand0m
I’m sorry, but when was the last time we kissed? Oh right, a long, long, looong time ago. I’d like to think I am a much better kisser now, having had much more experience, than I had when I was young and dumb. At least I’m told I’m a good kisser … but of course, women are ready to lie openly if it makes someone feel okay about themselves. $.02
2001-12-30 15:55:51 – tony
Laura, is this a cell phone… prank caller, prank caller! hang up! yeah, give me a call on the cell 719-213-7540