11 o’clock, working time.

It’s friday morning, and I’ve been at work for about 20 minutes. It’s great. I went to the driver’s license place this morning and got rid of my probationary license, and now have a fully 100% functional license: until January 9th, that is. That’s the happy news of the day.

The other happy news of the day is that I think I’m finally done with the ex-girlfriend issues. I made up a nice list of concessions, after writing down a bunch of my thoughts, and – to the beautiful rhythms of the Fight Club soundtrack – went through and figured everything out for myself. No, I won’t list the concessions – you could probably figure them out without my help, but they are for me and not you guys 😉 So, in the future, if I start ranting and raving about a past relationship, look at me sternly and say “remember the concessions?” – it should put me in my place right quick.

More as the day progresses 🙂

Update: Get this – ran into Tore and Janelle over at the Perk on my way back to work [from fixing a mis-flashed router]. She looks terrible with the cast thing happening, and she dropped her phone in the full-of-water sink, while on — suck. It was good to see them both 🙂

2001-12-28 12:24:11 – The Disco X
Can I just bitch slap you and tell you to STFU instead like I usually do?
2001-12-28 15:30:20 – rand0m
Yes, that will work equally well.