think I’ll post something

I have no idea what to post about though. Here’s a couple quick updates … quit my job at Gateway on monday … had a very, very tiring long day yesterday, had a mediocre day today … really haven’t done much, to be honest. I’d like to do something, but, of course, there isn’t much happening during the week. Yep, I could tell the long tale about the job-quitting in typical randal style, but I really don’t feel up to it. There are a ton of things I’d like to say, but they are, for the most part, quite offensive, and I have no desire to go around ruffling people’s feathers … other than that, the typical things still hold true … I’d like some more money, I’d like a girl [:-)], my truck still runs extremely well [did I just say that?], my mom sucks, my dad is super-great, and is back from hunting — deerless … and … yup that’s about it.

2001-10-18 20:18:25 – tony
hey r-dog, you should go deer-hunting with your dad.
2001-10-19 00:51:48 – The Disco Nova
maybe you should go deer hunting with your mom, and come back with a funny human shaped deer
2001-10-19 03:02:48 – Burnz
Offensive eh? /me salivates with desire to hear inflammatory things. And parents get much better when you move out. At least that is the experience of everyone I know. $.02
2001-10-19 13:22:02 – God
Hey disco nova, that’s not funny.
2001-10-19 15:31:55 – rand0m
hahahahaa you guys are a trip. and I won’t shoot my mom … God would strike me down 😉
2001-10-19 16:10:43 – The Disco Nova
ahhh, but the only one I truly have to amuse in this life is myself