what the fuck is WRONG with people!?

Okay, so Jack and I are finished working on our goddamn, peice-of-shit wireless network [which rarely works right], and we’re chillin downtown. We got some grub at Phantom Canyon [good stuff!], then headed over to the Perk for the now-traditional after food jolt of caffiene.

So we’re standing there, getting our espresso-laden drinks, when I go to get my stamp card. Yup, that stamp card, the one that is between the stamp card box and the lid that it sits in. [ you know how you put the lid, upside down, under a box so that the box is on top of the inside of the lid? right. just like that] Anywho, I go to get my card, and it’s gone. Yup, some self-serving bitch took my fucking card. It had a bunch of stamps on it, too.

I even saved the 3 normal-coffee stamps that someone else got on there when they used my card. I saved those three goddamn blue stamps, even when I had to switch cards because I filled it up … I just kept carrying those blue ones, which weren’t mine, over. Why? Because I respected whoever it was that was using my card. But, apparently, the typical human populace does not have such respect. Why, I ask again? Because they stole my goddamn card! I have stored my oft-used stamp cards between that box and lid for MONTHS now, and some asshole had to ruin it. I must say that it was by far the most interesting part of my day.

Oh, that, and I got to wave my arms, my body and a 6 foot long antennae from the top of the Holly Sugar Building to Craig today when he drove by. That was pretty cool. On the agenda tonight? A movie with Master Ha-Reed and hopefully some righteous partyin!

2001-10-20 03:32:13 – Laura
randal, i always get your card stamped when i go there, but that only happens when i’m down there. i think it sucks that someone took that shit…fuck them. on another happy note! i finally got some play…hell yeah! goodnight
2001-10-20 14:22:34 – rand0m
Wowsah, now I know who got those stamps put on there 😀 That’s pretty cool. I’m thinking, in light of e-mail I recieve from people, that I just might post that offensive-as-hell, my-friends-will-disown-me post … heh … well, it’s not really that bad. Right. Onward. Saturday … what’s happening? Laura, any wild parties? I might just drive up there if I have enough of an incentive [cough] 😉
2001-10-20 18:07:42 – Burnz
If you mean drive to Boulder, then I might be persuaded to also make the venture for some of the party thing that I hear about people doing.