Guess so …

I’m thinking I’ll update with something that isn’t drunken rambling about anthrax. Mind you, though, that anthrax really isn’t something to joke about. Some guy here at the office was joking about licking a letter … it was quite poor taste :-/

My weekend was good. Not really a whole lot behind that, just too much happened. I read a lot of Atlas Shrugged last night. Sure, it’s taken me freaking months to finish the book, but now that it’s gotten to the good part, it’s going really fast … 90 pages last night, 260 pages on thursday night — almost done. Incredibly good book, even if it’s all about senseless promotion of self. Hey! That’s me! w0OoooooOOo! Honestly though, I suggest that everybody grab a copy of Fountainhead, read it, then read Atlas Shrugged. The first is a good read, the second is just damn good.

One thing that strikes me at this particular moment is how Rand harps on the fact that the only insurmountable task/feeling/event/emotion/attitude/thought is indifference. How true. See, if someone actually cares about something, even in the most miniscule amount, that person is able to be reasoned with, to be communicated with; a person who is 100% indifferent will do neither. Being a rather friendly person, I find it quite difficult to deal with, and usually leave such things alone to sort themselves out. Oddly enough, that doesn’t work as well as one would think.

2001-10-15 16:16:41 – Siaokh
Gotta break some eggs to make toast. -Tim <yes i know.. leave me alone>
2001-10-15 16:55:53 – rand0m
I’m sorry, happiness is against Gateway policy. Please conform immediately and become a mindless, soulless, unproductive worker bee. Sincrerely, Gateway Human Resources Dept.
2001-10-15 17:44:35 – tony
Getting dumped by a girl you don’t like, that is one thing. Getting fired from gateway, however, requires even less loss and feelings of remorse than watching Al Gore lose the election. And for those that *GASP* voted for Al Gore, perhaps a better example would be seeing Osama Bin Ladin turned into a woman.
2001-10-15 20:38:50 – rand0m
Bastard, the never ending show stopper. I applaud you.
2001-10-15 22:37:05 – Burnz
WHo cares? It took me two hours to drum up the interest to even write this post and I think that….
2001-10-16 01:24:00 – tony
I’m drunk, on my 6th miller high life, their are like 6 people in the other room drinking and drinking, playing asshole…. And now we’re going to watch the phantom menace.
2001-10-16 10:54:50 – The Disco Nova
Randall, I need your help with some geek related things at my place, you busy tonight?
2001-10-16 11:58:17 – rand0m
No sir, not busy at all — I’d be glad to help. Gimme a ring.
2001-10-16 12:24:39 – The Disco Nova
I’ll give ya a ring around 4 pm. We’ll prolly have to go shopping for a few components. What I want to do is have you "tweak" my system a little, it is slow as hell and unstable to boot. I also wanna put back together my old p3 500mhz box and network it with my new box, to use it as a game server.
2001-10-16 14:21:29 – rand0m
no problemo. I’ll bring along all my handy-dandy tools, cables, plugs and software … cable is free for ya, if you don’t have any already, but I don’t have any nics.
2001-10-16 14:32:14 – The Disco Nova
do you have all the termination equipment? I’ve got some crimpers and a pentascanner I can bring home.
2001-10-16 14:58:16 – rand0m
I have a ton of cat5e, a ton of rj45 ends, a really nice rj45/11 crimper and a lot of wire-pair-coloring know-how. I’d be glad to bring it along to save on the cable costs.
2001-10-16 15:36:17 – Xeon
[clears throat] *** DUDES!!! First order o’ Buisiness) rand0m the login thingy on my page errors gracefully now. 2) … hmm wait .. nah you don’t wanna know… do you really wanna know? Ok I guess I’ll tell ya. RAZOR BOOMSLANG is back in business!! woOoooOOOOo That means XP drivers fo meh … /me donces in circles!
2001-10-16 15:38:11 – Xeon
ohh.. links … Razor Zone xeon.x/
2001-10-16 15:38:55 – xeon
FINE DON’T ALLOW HTML I guess no links for YOU!
2001-10-16 17:12:32 – rand0m
HHAHAHAHHHAA, rand0m’s HTML filtering works! And Xeon is the first victim! However, you can use some other tags for [b]bold[/b], [i]italic[/i] and [u]underline[/u] …
2001-10-16 20:40:16 – xeon
you need a link tag… please!! btw did you check out my login thingy? varwy cool.. works perrrect. Next step is to make a .NET version or .NET add-ins to my site. I think I will work on that tonight (tommarow morning after work) and most of tomarrow. BTW check out the cool MP3 thingy pat made with my ideas on thegeekpads website. … It pulls the song off clicking w00t… cross domain file transfer rul3z!!
2001-10-17 00:14:43 – tony
Look Kids! Here’s how it’s going down. You can’t talk shit unless you can back it up. Simple as that. Recognize (end regulating talk, don’t listen to warren g drinking 40s if you have access to an internet terminal, shit, and you know this)
2001-10-17 01:03:09 – Laura
i was going to post something, but i’m too stoned to remember what it was. i probably thought it was funny, though…and it probably wasn’t. the end.
2001-10-17 02:09:47 – Xeon
I was gonna post but then I got high.. I could have commented,.. and I could a interacted but I was higuuihhh, … now I am a antisocialist and i know why (why man),.. because I was high,.. because I was high, … because I was high.
2001-10-17 14:27:54 – Siaokh
When arent you high craig? -Tim
2001-10-18 01:51:10 – Laura
Randal, i’m bored with my own life, and now yours…an you update? (merely a comment from the peanut gallery)
2001-10-18 15:25:22 – Peanut Galley
I think that cars should run on a hydrogen-oxygen mix instead of gasoline.
2001-10-18 15:37:15 – Burnz
Yeah, did Val Kilmer figure out how to do that while dressing up like various men of questionable sexual orientation and thwarting an evil Russian (as if there is another kind)?