newsflash and goodness

Apparently Rush Limbaugh, the boisterous political analyst, has lost 100% of his hearing in both ears. His site,, has his comments on this as well as his plans. I don’t know if his career will continue, but in all honesty, this country needs more people who are willing to give in-depth analysis of political happenings, liberal or conservative.

On a completely different note, if you do a google search for rand0m, this page comes up as number one. That makes me feel really special. w0ot! That’s all so far … more as it comes down the pike.

Update: I’m going to have to say it again … [no, not that gateway sucks, even though I’m sure that’s coming …] Wireless is amazingly great and sucky at the same time. When it works, it’s fucking tight. however, that’s the trick — making it work. [sigh]

2001-10-09 18:05:35 – tony
Watershed, everytime I move somewhere I eventually realize I’m making another watershed. For those not familiar with the term, it means something like a re-birth. Anyway, after I came back from my last vacation, it seems like things have slowed down enough for me to start tackling all the new "freetime" that I’ve gotten since being laid off. All I can think of is going to a movie to chill out or something. Things seem so mixed up right now.
2001-10-09 20:29:35 – Burnz
Shitbox, it seems that no matter where I am, I am living in a total shitbox. For those of you not familiar with the term, it means someplace where I can still hear Tony’s thoughts.
2001-10-10 17:17:11 – Siaokh
Whats the matter with your wireless? -Tim
2001-10-11 11:13:57 – Laura
Seeing as Rush Limbaugh can no longer hear himself, why would he want to talk anymore? i can’t complain (stupid motherfucker bastard cock)…yeah…
2001-10-11 15:10:32 – Burnz
Hey kids! Does everyone know what time it is? I am certainly coming back this weekend. Randy, Tore-ama, mind if I cut into your saturday night, or would that ruin your little reunion?
2001-10-12 11:21:54 – The Disco Nova
Anyone doing anything tonight? I don’t really feel like going clubbing tonight. I’ve got a date, but it’s our first date, so I’ll prolly be done around 10pm….
2001-10-12 12:06:56 – rand0m
Heh, you probably mean 10am 🙂 hehehehehe So far I have no plans — I just might go party, but I think it’ll be too cold for it. And I don’t know where Tore is. :-/ Or Matt … hrmm
2001-10-12 17:52:50 – bastard
It is too bad the college kids are not of drinking age, as the plan is tonight to go barhopping, including 15-c… muy caliente!!!