hahahaha, old times

Okay, so it’s monday, you know, so I thought I’d update some stuff. There’s now a search feature on the left, comment dates are now perma-links, and a new mp3 of the week, as well as new updates in goals/plans. Also, the US only hit Afghanistan with 50 missiles this time around … we hit Iraq with over 2,000 missiles the first time around. All tacticle, no real big boys yet, either.

For all you slobbering men, here’s a page of hotttties — not done up models, just hot normal chicks. w3rd.

Here’s a post from a couple months back … I was quite amused when I read it.
On another note, I was thinking about Gila monsters today. What exactly do those guys do? Sit on rocks all day? Just sit there, sunning themselves, occasionally flicking their tongue … I can see it now … “Sonny, I’ve been sitting here for 20 years waiting for one of those Hooo – maaans to but their unbooted foot right in front of me. And let me tell you, as soon as it happens, I’m going to bite him.” At least they have some nice coloring.

2001-10-08 16:52:23 – tonyronybanana-nana-bo-no-ni-fi… okay, i shup up
🙂 I’m back from one more sickening flight without dying in a fiery ball of flames much like madonna overdosing at a gay tequila bar. Yeah, in answer to your question, where DO I come up with this shit. Don’t know .krowemoh ym hsinif ot emiT. (Just finished a book on the NSA, puzzle pallace, go figure) (Also, I’m not the only one that writes backwards, just look on the track list for the latest RHCP album – emit remmus) (Bastards just didn’t want to be compared to sublime’s summer time, yes, that’s what it means, summer time) Okay, I can’t put off computer science homework anymore. DAMN!!!
2001-10-08 19:03:32 – Burnz
Thanks rand0m, just what I needed was a couple dozen pictorial reasons to hate my life and remind me of all the finer things I don’t have. Next put up tons of medical insurance forms to torture my sick ass. Going to go do the curling up and dying thing now, cheers!
2001-10-08 19:16:37 – rand0m
I’m glad I could be the one to brighten up your already somber day. I’m so good at that 😀 😀 😀 **Newsflash** Gateway sucks.