General & New Boxen

Okay, so nothing new has happened. Got a small paycheck due to all the offtime last week. And … yup, still at work. However, I did find out that setting up one of those Linksys Cable/DSL Routers are hella easy to setup. Due to me doing that earlier this morning, I have another computer! Jef just dumped it on me, so here’s what I am looking to sell / get rid of:

rand0m servar
— Intel Pentium II 400MHz
— Epox Motherboard
— Generic 192MB RAM
— No Name 8.4GB 7200rpm
— ATI Rage 128 video
— Diamond Monster Sound MX300 sound card
— Realtek no-name NIC
— Creative 4x2x20 Burner
— NEC 32x cd-rom
— No Name case
— Windows 2000 Advanced Server?
— $250
new box
— Intel Celeron 450MHz
— Some motherboad
— Ati Mach64 Video
— 128mb ram
— 4GB & 4.8GB HDs
— ISA SCSI controller [dunno why]
— 40x CD-ROM
— Sound Blaster PCI 128
— A good case
— Windows 2000 Professional
— $125

If you are interested in either, please e-mail me … I’m open to offers also — too many boxes!

In other news, we might be getting another room here to house just co-locations … we’ve got a pretty good prospect for a guy to bring in a couple servers, and we’re running out of room. So we’ll move everyone to the new [storage] office … hence, if one of the above boxen doesn’t leave my possession, it’ll turn into a counter-strike server in the co-lo room. nifty.

Dunno about scheduling tonight — I’ll try my damndest to get off early, but no promises. Last weekend sucked :: got off early, and did absolutely nothing because everyone was already gone. But … that’s expected at like 10pm. [sniff]

2001-09-21 16:19:17 – The Disco Nova
Randalll, Crystal’s working tonight, and I’m gonna spend some time with the new G/F, so You’ll have to find something to do tonight hehe I’m leaving for a trip on Sunday, won’t be back until saturday, will try to hook you two up then
2001-09-21 17:28:52 – rand0m
kk, works for me — no time off tonight anyways … [suck!] … looks like it’ll be another lifeless friday night. [considers quitting gateway … again] new g/f? Who’s the lucky one? More importantly, pics? 😉
2001-09-21 20:53:02 – Burnz
Untie her Nova. I told you to stop bringing those little girls home, you always forget to feed them.
2001-09-22 03:16:15 – Laura
wooo! boudler! i am so fucking drunk…heelll yeah! you all suck 🙂 have a good night..
2001-09-22 17:31:10 – realbighead
that was quite a post there. Did you then proceed to take off your shirt and have a threesome with your roommate and her boyfriend, or did you take an alternate stereotypical college porno route? Oh, and nova, remember to feed the little girls tonight.