I’m attending a concert in Denver — give me a ring on my cell phone if you want to talk at me 🙂

**Update**: Just got back from the Matchbox 20 concert. Man, what a good time. I drove myself, emily and her friend michelle up there in the honda. It was prefaced by Train, and let me tell you — their songs may not be the hottest, but the lead guy can really sing. Then up came Matchbox 20, and they were really good. Despite every female in the audience ooh-and-ahh-ing over how uber-hot Rob Thomas is, I really enjoyed it — I knew a lot of the songs [thanks radio!] and sang along and just grooved. Walked out with 4 free condoms because I was there with two girls — Trojan was there handing them out like candy [what an analogy!] … no use for them for me [sniff snif] so they’ll probably end up as trashcan fodder. The concert as a whole was a good time all around. Drove home in an ultra-tired, running-on-less-than-three-hours-of-sleep mode but somehow managed to get the whole trip without incident. I’m really glad I went. It’s good to get out.

2001-09-19 03:58:52 – Burnz
Matchbox 20 eh? Wow…what do you say about that? Ummmm you are a real hard case there buddy. Don’t go busting my skull yet hombre, I have my whole life ahead of me, you death defying, living on the edge SOB…oooooo I bet badasses like you mock foolish suburbanites like me that use the acronym. Just playin dumplin’ I don’t need your army of 12 – 15 year old girls come knockin on my door with chains and lead pipes procured for the sole purpose of using it on Mr. Green in the library. Remind me not to post after work until I have slept.
2001-09-19 10:55:31 – rand0m
Well, to be honest, Matchbox 20 isn’t my favorite band by any stretch. What they *are*, though, is something for my no-social-life-ass to do. And it was enjoyable too. Sleep, deep sleep … i need some too.
2001-09-19 11:05:05 – bastard
went to the job fair… like, 40 booths in the expo, only 10 had actual job fair signs saying they were hiring… that’s bullshit, the economy sucks, ahhhh crap
2001-09-19 11:49:03 – rand0m
there’s a shiney new 7-11 right near my house that’s hiring — $9/hr night shifts. Ever thought about doing something on your own?
2001-09-19 13:55:05 – Burnz
8.75 an hour for overnight recieving at Wal-Mart, you can have my job after I kill myself.
2001-09-19 14:41:54 – rand0m
but burnz, you’re getting so buff throwing crates and moving heavy boxes — the women will be flocking soon!
2001-09-19 14:43:41 – bastard
personally, i will miss meeting burnz for lunch at carl’s junior downtown and seeing all the young and willing high school girls (well, maybe not so…. young).
2001-09-19 14:59:26 – bastard
<A HREF="http://www.fuckedcompany.com/images/Kabul-Forcast.jpg">Forecast looks sunny</A>
2001-09-19 15:12:55 – rand0m
please do not post pictures here — especially non-working ones.
2001-09-19 21:48:38 – Burnz
Yeah, just the other day a nice woman looked at me out of the corner of her eye…and then asked me to stop pissing on her bushes please. Could someone mail me a bullet? I can’t afford one.
2001-09-19 22:51:27 – rand0m
Sorry, no bullets — but I do happen to have an extra Guilltine here if you want to do yourself in with a dramatic flair. 😉
2001-09-20 03:28:32 – Mr Goopers
I just wanted to give the impression that someone besides me, Tony and Randal commented on this site anymore. Goddamn jackals, without some big political fight you just lurk in the wings eh?
2001-09-20 06:08:52 – realbighead
a jackal, you say? I just don’t post because I have, well, a life; sadly, it’s one that takes me out of my room quite often. Politics were fun to write about, despite being ignored; this stuff is just… too pedestrian for one of my infinite capabilities. Plus, even the comments are pretty much the same stuff as always; tony stating random events and giving us titillating tastes of his itinerary, burnz hating himself and others, and Randal being perkily sarcastic. And yes, "Randal" being capitalized while "tony" was not was a statement of an inherent dominance structure; discuss amongst yourselves.
2001-09-20 08:45:30 – rand0m
Well, I think the fact that you posted at 6:08am is more indicitave of the power structure here than simple capitalization. 😉 I’m glad to here that you have a life. I’m jealous though. I’m jealous of everyone who has a life. I guess that’s why I feel some camaradarie with Burnz. Us no-lifers man, we’re a force to be reckoned with. Especially when we act like we have a life.
2001-09-20 10:02:24 – bastard
what tORE, you are disliking my liberal arts jibes? btw, the improper capitalization of tore does in many ways reflect superior bladder control in regards to liberal arts majors. discuss amongst your brethren.
2001-09-20 12:58:17 – realbighead
if it makes you feel any better, my life consists of class and playing videogames in an apartment with 5 other guys, with an occasional band practice thrown in. Nothing all that stimulating, really. Plus, it is truly comforting to know that I have superior bladder control over most liberal arts majors; although you might want to get a better grasp of english grammar before you attempt to use such big words again. Oh, and I haven’t seen a liberal arts jibe from you for a while; I can only assume that when you said "went to the job fair" you meant "liberal arts is for fags" or somesuch, which again suggests you might wanna switch back to your native tongue until ESL starts up again. But for now, I have homework to do, so I’m gonna go do it. At a somewhat more reasonable hour.
2001-09-20 13:12:39 – bastard
video games and band practice ehhhh…. tore, you know anybody down there looking to sell a fender stratocaster or telecaster… preferable <= 300$ good call on the job fair translation, i’m gonna have to check with my ESL teacher, Mr. Hat, and make sure he experiences my displeasure first hand!
2001-09-20 13:18:04 – Burnz
I don’t have time for a life. Ten hours of work, eight hours of sleep, and then checking my e-mail, writing, and fighting with my new web page development pretty well eat up all my time. This is as close as I get to people that are not my shit throwing co-workers. And I do not hate myself. People with no life are dangerous were they to organize, but it would be a semi-psychotic army of tech heads, brooding introverts, and of course Goths and D&D fanatics. They can smite you with a Blade of Shadowlaw +2.
2001-09-20 14:04:16 – realbighead
I would have to do a saving roll with my chinese AD&D Version 3 rules and my Breastplate of Ten Thousand Joy Cannon Bird Luck +3. And I doubt you’ll be able to find any fender for that price; our rhythm guitar actually plays on a 70’s Fender Coronado, the kind no one really wants, and it still commands about $700 on the market. It is much much better to just stick with shit guitars until you have the skill and the money to aquire and use a really nice one. Besides, the last thing you need is more toys to stroke your ego and your dick; just be happy with your TV/computer/PSX2/etc. Ph0o.
2001-09-20 14:35:04 – The Disco Nova
sorry to butt in on your bitching at each other, but…… Tony. You never called me, if you want to get a job here, now would be a good time to send in your resume. Rand0m. Are you available friday night? I might be able to set up a "Group Thing" with Crystal. She’s got big tits, and likes nice guys.
2001-09-20 14:36:22 – bastard
lost your number disco, can you email it to tanzelmo@yahoo.com hook me up!
2001-09-20 15:10:54 – rand0m
<– nice guy <– likes tits I’ll see what I can do about friday — I can gaurantee a midnight thing, but I’ll see about earlier. [damn work!]
2001-09-20 17:37:09 – Xeon
2001-09-20 19:02:21 – rand0m
He’s this guy. He’s on the web, somewhere … and xeon, your <a href="http://xeon.xoverzero.com">site</a> is <i>still</i> broken. wtf man?
2001-09-20 20:30:59 – Burnz
I have a plus to strike modifier against all Joy Cannon of Bird Luck kind armor. Combine that with my 95% Bitch Slap Jesus skill and you are going to go down arts man. I find this talk very amusing. rand0m – Nice guy huh?
2001-09-20 21:28:34 – rand0m
Yea, I’d say I’m a nice guy. Sure, maybe a little cynical, but I am generally a rather enjoyable, friendly, outgoing, ‘nice’ guy … but, that’s how I see myself, which could be way off base. In fact, I’m probably wrong. I am no doubt a horrible, assy dickhead. And I hate everyone. And they should all die. Well, that last one is only if their calling for technical support.
2001-09-21 00:45:52 – bastard
so randal, are you free saturday afternoon, maybe some frisbee at MVP J-lo may be in attendance, as i will be, please go, pleaseeeeeee