jeezus, weekend already?

Ya know, I almost don’t like weekends. Sure, they are are a great time to sleep. And sleep. And do nothing. And then sleep more. See, it’s that third one right there … I don’t do anything. I would almost rather be at work — at least there I can waste time doing nothing and get paid. Instead, I sit at home and … you got it — do nothing. Makes me feel miserable, because I know that there are lots people out there doing things, but I’m not. And why am I not? Because I chose this. Yup … well, that sums it up. [stops bitching].

I got rid of the login thing, as it’s useless right now. Also, I succumbed and put up an mp3 of the week on the left. A review section for those mp3s should be up sometime. I really should finish putting the whole site together and sell it as a product. Hrmm … takes time, though. Oh, and motivation. Gotta have that. [sigh]

Really played Counter-Strike for the first time last night … must have spent an hour playing. The new box seems to be limited at a constant 72fps … I’m thinking it’s my video card. Although it *never* drops below 72 frames per second. It’s really nice. And I really kick ass at it, too. Played some Quake III Arena, also, but didn’t check the fps … I’m really good at that too. This will not become a habit.

Anything happening tonight? I would look forward to a cold beer and something to do / good company … in fact, I think I might go see a movie 🙂