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Okay, so it’s sunday and not much is going on. I decided today was my sleep day [after last night, whew!] and slept till about 2:00pm. That was good. Woke up, got ready and headed out and about … returned my VoiceStream phone, much to the chagrin of the chick there — she was pissed as hell but I put her in her place. She gave me back my $158.99, and then she smiled. Damn straight.

Was gonna go up to the Chapel Hills Mall and buy some shit, but decided against it because 1) it was almost closed and 2) Eddie Bauer was right there @ the Citadel [where I was, returning the phone]. After that, I went over to the pad to grab my laptop and my shades … and got into coding some stuff for my website. I realized that the backend design is all wrong, with the administration being all separate instead of integrated, so I’ll be redoing a lot of the internals — you peepz shouldn’t notice much.

Wanna do something tonight? If so, give me a ring on my cell phone and we’ll hook up, cuz I’m bored and ready to do somethin.

2001-09-03 10:44:28 – realbighead
hey, your titles actually work on the main page. Once you get into the comment pages they fail, though; might wanna work on that. P.S. Keep working out and don’t quit gateway, you fatass. (Preparing for my career as a motivational speaker)
2001-09-03 10:55:02 – rand0m
thank you for alerting me to the broken stuff on the comments page … it looks like trying to make things work right [via css] isn’t gonna fly … hardcoding here I come! Oh, and I plan on eventually having a login style thing … I don’t know exactly what it will do yet, but hey, it sure looks nifty over there on the left. 🙂
2001-09-03 15:49:04 – Burnz
Well, so this is the tale in brief. Just when I land a job and things are starting to work I get severe jaw pains for three days. At first I figure I am just grinding my teeth and should get one of those fucked up mouthpieces. Then it occurs to me that it is aches from Impounded wisdom teeth. Well, I don’t have 1100 dollars to drop on my mouth, anymore than I have the grand I am already in debt. So lucky me, I had to move back home so I could consider affording my now costly mouth. Point of all that is I need to pick up my computer sometime in the near future Randal. So just let me know when is a good time for me to do that. PS- If anyone has some Novicane (sic) and pliars then perhaps with a mirror and a little help I could seriously cut down on the cost of dental bills.
2001-09-03 18:05:28 – realbighead
wanna know something really fucked up? my wisdom teeth have been coming in impounded for the past 2 weeks also. I have been in extraordinary pain as well. I have also discovered along the way that every topical anesthetic in existence is derived from cocaine. So anyways, if anyone’s gonna pity Da Burnz, pity me too, cuz painkillers just don’t work anymore.
2001-09-03 19:52:24 – Burnz
That is true. I have had fistfuls of every kind of analgesic and they don’t do shit.
2001-09-03 20:02:37 – rand0m
sorry guys, kind of tough for me to be oozing empathy … yup, life sucks again. [turns on Angst-Ridden mode] I, however, do not suck. Matt … I’d be glad to give you your box back any ol’ time … it’s gonna be a trick for you to catch me because my days are *extremely* busy and equally long. Best way would be for me to just haul it around and meet you somewhere. But not before I leach all your mp3s. 😉
2001-09-03 22:49:55 – Xeon
he isn’t running like win2k or greater? I mean shesh I at least have a log-in screen that protects against that. [makes note to self to disable the guest on account on the new XP install]
2001-09-04 00:25:27 – realbighead
^ craig proving he has a small penis.
2001-09-04 01:00:50 – Xeon
yup its this big 8==> <— actuall size
2001-09-04 08:29:31 – realbighead
hey, that means you don’t need women, just 8th-inch stereo sockets.
2001-09-04 08:57:41 – bastard
Always look on the bright side of life fellas with the wisdom teeth problemos… Vicodin, Vicodin, Vicodin, yaayyyyyyyy
2001-09-04 08:59:32 – bastard
anybody got a motherboard and processor, preferably ATX, to sell… mine went poooofftt