ahh, back to work

Okay, so I went out clothes shopping with Janelle yesterday afternoon and picked up a couple shirts and some more boxers. First off, Janelle has good taste [although the clothes make me look old], and secondly as gay or weird or whatever Ralph Lauren and Calvin Kline may be, they *really* know how to make boxers. I swear, these are some of the best drawers I’ve ever owned.

Went to Tony’s place last night [which I think should be referred to as “The Lounge” or “The Geek Lounge” or something similar … with lounge in it] and had a good time. Drank a beer and had a hamburger, but was in a whack funk. I had a good time though, and his place is *huge*. Tony’s room is bigger than his apartment. It’s all quite nice, and with the recent conflict resolution procured with Jean, it wasn’t so bad being there. It was good seing Super Dave there, and Dane and JP & John. A good time.

Woke up this morning to a brick of a head and a runny nose. Sweet jesus, I thought, I didn’t even touch Janelle! But she got me sick. So, instead of caving in to this miserable illness, I did what any man would do in the morning if he’s sick — rum and coke and lots of antihistamines! WOoOOoOooo! It’s been a great morning. Especially here at HPI — Jef and Jack and Henry are all so glad to see me … It turns out that Henry has been really hosing the billing and everything has really gone to shit in the past 3 weeks. Well, it’s in the works that HPI might fire Henry and give me my paycheck [$1,250] plus Henry’s paycheck [$1,000] to get me to stay and work full time as not only as LAN King [props to Ray for this one], but also as Billing God. This is a distinct possibility, determined by how horrendous Gateway is tonight. w3rd.

2001-09-04 11:19:57 – The Disco Nova
Just another lame attempt by Disco to get Randall to come skating, say 7:00?
2001-09-04 11:26:50 – bastard
I’m up for it, how much it cost?
2001-09-04 11:40:38 – rand0m
James, I’d love to go tonight, but I have two jobs now … 8:30 – 3pm @ HPI, 3:30 – 12:30am @ gateway. 🙁 … lots of money, though.
2001-09-04 14:01:37 – Siaokh
It’s good money for about a month or so… then you get hella burnt out I tried it for a while… damn that sucked… i got fired from my first job due to 2 absences. *shrug* oh well i’ve got this kick ass job now and that’s all i care about 🙂 -Tim
2001-09-04 14:44:42 – rand0m
yea, I hope to not burn out for a while … It’ll be really nice making phat rips of cash for a while, though. Depending on what happens with the shareholders and people selling out here at HPI, I might stay here and charge $2.5k/mo [CCNAs get top dollar 😉 ]. Otherwise, I’m considering working here for 2k a month, assuming they fire Henry … oh, decisions.
2001-09-04 14:56:06 – bastard
If they pay you in 1099 tax forms, don’t forget to save some money for taxes at the end of the year. Don’t forget to bring a towel!
2001-09-04 16:12:13 – The Disco Nova
Damn, Randall, that’s like 200$ less a month than I make, damn nice for a 19 year old. Hell that’s damn nice for most 30 year olds and Bastard, 3$
2001-09-04 16:15:10 – The Disco Nova
Damn funny http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/overhere/allyourbase.swf
2001-09-04 16:36:15 – Siaokh
Avon… that flash animation is so last year *sheesh* -Tim
2001-09-04 19:16:05 – Burnz
It is old, but for those of us who were not "hip" enough for the Zero Wing fever that swept the nation: It is still rather amusing.
2001-09-04 21:36:00 – How Are You Gentlemen?
You have no chance to survive make your time.
2001-09-04 22:03:40 – Main Screen Turn on.
Someone set us up the bomb!