suck & car? around town today

Well, last night sucked. Why? Not many friends my age … all my coworkers are at least 21 … [sigh] … I was going to bemoan how horrible life is, but I realize that the lack of social things is, in part, my fault. I have not gone out of my way to create a new circle … so I guess it’s a choice between moaning about no social life vs. actually getting one. tough call.

I am going to go check out a 95 mitsubishi eclipse gst here after I post … dunno how that will go, but it’s not too expensive.

I am going to be all over town for the rest of the afternoon, running errands and doing a couple things. If you’d like to get some grub, meet up, or do whatever [including tonight!], please call me on my cell … 964-4504.

** Update **: Went out to eat with Tony tonight, and then went and partied up and down college row. Ended up at this huge party and danced till around 2:30am … free beer, free jungle juice, lots of chicks … man, it was really great. The drive home was too full of thinking, but the night in general was absolutely amazing.

2001-09-02 01:15:14 – realbighead
do hobbits have any room to insult other people’s beards? It’s like a zen koan, but without deep meaning. Non sequitur what?
2001-09-02 10:30:08 – Burnz
*Imagines Randal dancing and just has to have a nice long belly laugh*
2001-09-02 11:44:45 – rand0m
yea, I would guess that I do look like a fool when I dance. What other way is there to bump and grind with chicks all night though? It’s not like they’ll walk up and start rubbing up against me when I’m just standing there. [note to self: find alternative to dancing]
2001-09-02 17:33:19 – bastard
me and the house crew going to denver to dave and buster’s at 6 pm… call me at 282-1206 if you are 21 and want to go!