and my good thursday

Despite some coaching from another, I am here at work, at 11:04pm posting to my website. [let’s see how long it takes to post this!].

So today was good. Went to Gateway, slept through a couple hours of class and went to Sonic for lunch. I have learned that Sonic, sans the Peanut Butter Fudge Shake, sucks. I found out that I get to ride in the Gateway balloon tomorrow morning @ the Gateway Party. Apparently every year before the balloon festival Gateway throws a huge breakfast party / gathering deal, and I get to attend. And ride the balloon 🙂 I don’t get to ride it at the festival on Saturday, but I am welcome to show up and sport the Gateway gear. Nifty, eh?

Got in to HPI today and was immediately whisked away by Jack [from HPI] and Joe Crook [from Optimum Network Solutions (upstairs)] to go get coffee. Well, we didn’t get coffee, we ended up at Jack Quinn’s. Went up stairs and there was an IT Hob-Knob deal going on, where a lot of the local IT people get together to … drink! They passed out tokens for free booze and everyone was slamming them down. I got some Guiness. It was soOoOooOoo good. 😛 Anywho, showed up and dropped off business cards at the door for a drawing and just sat around and talked to other IT people. I was by *far* the youngest person there, which was okay because I fit right in with my geeky companions, and landed some new business for HPI — one possible web design thing and two hosting prospects. As I was drinking my guiness, I was eyeing the prizes that they had for the raffle. In there were a couple CDs, some software, a handspring, a couple books and a few gift certificates. Well, get this — I won the Visor Handspring! :-O 😀 😀 That is mad cool.

So that’s that. And now I am heading home to grab some sleep before I go party @ Gateway and take the final exam for training. Wowsah, 8 minutes to post. heh … ‘night

Update: I got to ride the balloon, it was really cool. We scooted around for a while [maybe 10 minutes] then landed … it was like a shuttle, because the ground crew had like 20 people in the van, and they just rotated everyone through the balloon each time it landed. Quite fun. The breakfast party was a blast — the nippy morning air and the smells and everything reminded me a *lot* of the balloon classic last summer. [gets reminiscent, sniff sniff] I also finished my final exam before anyone else and missed four out of 100 for a 96%. WOoOOoOoo!

2001-08-31 10:26:00 – realbighead
what is this? a story about something besides car failure? on this site? and it’s not even an angsty story about how life sucks… wow, I’m impressed. congrats on booze, handspring, and the test, man.
2001-08-31 10:48:56 – Xeon
Wow …now you and Timmah! can get together and have creepy Visor sex0rz! hehe 😀
2001-08-31 12:35:56 – realbighead
/ban xeon /ban xeon damn, it’s not working.
2001-08-31 13:32:01 – bastared
ha ha, you tried banning xeon, try this take herb the hamster away from xeon, watch him get pissed just try it, i dare you
2001-08-31 13:42:09 – Burnz
Don’t listen to him Randal, you try to take herbie away from old Xeon and you will be drawing back a bloody stump, and when you try to drive yourself to the hospital both axels will break. And I got a job offer and another interview elsewhere tomorrow. Not that any of you care, you heartless thugs. Gotta pass a drug test though, and so I need to stall as long as possible to make sure that can happen.
2001-08-31 14:33:23 – bastard
heartless bastard ehhh… well burnz, i enjoy telling you that i am honored by your compliment and look forward, yes, i’m simply delighted at the prospect of incurring your furthered hostility. ta ta
2001-08-31 15:46:07 – The Disco Nova
Randall, if your bored tonight, there is a LQ lockin, I’ll prolly be there
2001-08-31 18:19:30 – Xeon
whats with me and the ‘herb hamster’
2001-08-31 19:46:26 – The Disco Nova
I don’t know, what’s with you and the "herb hamster"?
2001-08-31 21:01:42 – Laura
All I can say is Richard Gear and the Herb Hamster. And, James will be the only person at the LQ lock-in over 13. I guess that works when you’re a pedophile.
2001-08-31 21:50:19 – The Disco Nova
You’d be surprised laura. And me dating a woman 4 years younger than me doesn’t make me a pedophile. If I were to date a woman say….. 15 years younger than me, then I would be a pedophile.
2001-08-31 22:15:17 – rand0m
goddamn, you people are ruthless. Hey Disco … who’s the 17 year old honey? Is that other girl still available? 😉
2001-08-31 22:26:09 – The Disco Nova
Randall, your kinda thick aren’t ya? lets see, fours years older than 17 is 21, who was I dating whilst I was 21? And yea she is, want a phone number for her?
2001-09-01 00:13:21 – rand0m
I thought she was talking about a current deal, not the done & past Emily relationship … and before we leap to phone numbers, I think a group thing [;-) ;-)] would be a better start instead of me asking her out cold turkey … [sigh] what a shitty friday night.
2001-09-01 07:23:05 – bastard
Well, it’s 7:15 am saturday morning, and i’m over at work on powers and fountain, and there’s about 10 balloons lifting off in the field in front of me. Couldn’t crew this morning on account of the wet field at memorial, so came out to gank some shiznit, when i saw all of the ballooons… such a sight against the dawn sky.
2001-09-01 10:51:55 – realbighead
tony, you woman, go write some poetry about it or something. let’s see… open gas valve… let it run for a few seconds… ignition button here…. *FWOOSH* Anyone who fails to see the imagery is obviously not a liberal arts student, and should therefore die. At the mighty hands of Bu-jesus.
2001-09-01 12:17:45 – Burnz – MUY IMPORTANTE
Randal and Tony, as the people I listed as personal references on my resume you may be contacted by Sofa-Mart about my history. Tell them you know I was previously arrested for using a controlled substance, when I was 16 but that I have been to your knowledge out of the drug scene for quite a while. Do not tell them about the circumstances surrounding my high school removal. I think that is it. They are the goddamn third reich, and it is just sofa mart. I would get to supervise the warehouse though, like a hunchback. Mad Co0l. ANything else you should just tell them the truth.
2001-09-01 14:20:17 – bastard
si burnz, i tell them what i know, errr, that is, not know as for tore, just make sure they don’t ask him about pedophilia… something tells me tore is the expert on that, singing in the choir and all, trolling for kiddies to … counsel in religious ceremony. Tore: "oh yeah little boy, father tore needs you to place your… no, your mommy and daddy don’t need to know about this, this is for god, yes, god wants you to do this… what, my face looks like it had glue sprayed on, then rolled around in pubes?"
2001-09-01 14:27:03 – rand0m
bastard, isn’t that like the 5th time you’ve said that <i>here</i> let alone the 168th time in person? stale.