Think you’re getting a nice fat juicy refund this summer from Good Ol’ GW ? HAHAHAHAHA THINK AGAIN! Dependents get zero refundage. Grrrr. No, not just Grrrr, more like G*(@*#!@#$ #*@( (*^!@(!##!^$)(

Had a good, relaxing day today. Found out my parents are not leaving the 28th, but the 29th – Friday. Oh, I saw The Fast and the Furious: good movie, ended very abruptly though. Go see it =)

2001-06-25 11:55:00 – Laura
yeah, I’ve now officially decided that GW is an idiot. I mean, if taxpayers get refunds, then we should all get refunds? if it’s not coming to me, then it should at least go to my parents because otherwise, he’s ripping people off (govt. ripping people off? never!). also, randal, this is another reason to become legally emancipated from your parents, tax refunds, baby.