have you ever …

… felt like you don’t know where you’re going? I was reading the title of this book; it said “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.” How true. I feel like I am losing direction. Sure I have long range goals, but nothing even short to mid-term. I really have no plan either. This definitely needs to change: I think I’ll write down some goals and some ways to reach those goals and read them every day. twice.

Had a very relaxing phone conversation tonight as I laid on the cement sidewalk. The night air was cool and refreshing, and the stars were twinkling, the moon glowing lightly. It’s not every day that I get to enjoy such things; a good step out of the ordinary.

2001-06-26 01:04:05 – bastard
It is 1 am. I have just finished working 17.5 Hours straight.
2001-06-26 02:11:53 – rand0m
It’s 2am, and I am 2 hours and 20 minutes closer to death than I was when I posted, and have nothing to show for it besides 3 levels on my Sorceress Mahrik in Diablo II. Pity me.
2001-06-26 02:52:22 – Burnz
If it were MIke it would be 10 levels, so don’t get too down, it could be worse. And my advice ( not that you want my advice, not that I am in a position to give it) is to enjoy not having answers or goals. Sometimes where you end up is better than where you were going. It is all taking the high road in every decision…says the knife man. Now for site abuse, good date restaurant that is casual but not without some kind of …I don’t know …taste. Gimme some help here people.
2001-06-26 09:11:02 – Laura
Matt, the mona lisa is a good date restaurant but really expensive (either 20 or 30 bucks per person). it’s in manitou, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re trying to impress someone, but it’s not all uptight fancy bullshit.
2001-06-26 09:34:05 – bastard
Basically, don’t have goals if you aren’t willing to work your ass off. Il Vicino is best date restaurant, The Independent 1999.
2001-06-26 11:02:42 – Laura
if il vicino is the best date restaurant, people are fucking stupid.
2001-06-26 11:16:34 – Laura
oh, this is why i wouldn’t go to il vicino. you have to stand inline to order and that’s awkward for a first date. also, all they have is pizza and noodles, which isn’t very fancy.
2001-06-26 11:44:28 – rand0m
you could try the Olive Garden … there are a couple in town — they are semi-fancy and not real expensive.
2001-06-26 22:08:31 – The Disco Nova
A REALLY fancy resturant is a bad idea for a first date. You are both way too uptight to enjoy each others company. Try something like Old Chicago or The Texas Roadhouse. Save the fancy resurants for her birthday, or anniversery, or when you really want some ass. Well maybe not that.
2001-06-26 23:45:16 – Burnz
Thanks for the help kids. I think it is going to be Jack Quinns, Carrabas, The Coachlight Inn, or maybe that Mona Lisa’s place. Il Vicino was my backup from the start. Nerves now, wish my ugly now blonde ass luck boys, nigga gonna be needing it.
2001-06-27 00:43:01 – realbighead
show some love to an old workplace… they don’t serve noodles, you ass. pizza, sandwiches, and salads… I’ve actually found it to be an excellent place for dates. Not that I utilize my successes ever, but chicks like it. so hey. but you’re already gone, so my advice goes to waste… so sad.