good news & always happens

Went out and had a night on the town … it was good … out till about 3:00 am, home and asleep at 3:30am. Affirmed that Dean is The Man and got some digits …

The guy from Unisys came and fixed my laptop — I’m really glad that it works correctly now. I may have a bad stick of ram, though; I’m upgrading to 256 anyway, so it’s not a huge deal.

It never fails that when I’m showering and I’m scrubbing my face with apricot scrub [de-skinner stuff? what’s that shiz called?] and it invariably gets in my eyes. That stuff stings like hell. I do not recommend following rand0m’s lead on this one.

Update: One of the most addictive internet games I’ve ever seen — — thanks Pat McDavid!

update #2: Screenshot of my 101 high score.

2001-06-25 14:24:06 – your face soap application advice person, yeah.
it’s prolly not called de-skinner because then it would be some type of acid. a) you can’t put on face stuff like a typical boy (rubbing it all over your face really messy and fast) you have to do it gently. pour some on your hands, then rub it over your nose and cheek area then the forehead and chin, avoiding the eyes. if you don’t understand this, then, watch a tv commercial about face washand watch how they do it. problem solved.