holy shit! amazing!

So I’m laying there in bed, it’s 8:18am and my cell rings … all I can think is “please don’t be dale with a DSL problem!” … well, I answer my phone and am greeted by a pleasant “Hello Mr. Kohutek, my name is Matt from Unisys.” and I say “uuhhh … hi?” And he says “I’m just calling to find out when a good time is for us to come out and replace the motherboard on your laptop.”


“What?” “Yes, we are an authorized dell service rep, we have your replacement motherboard, and we want to know when we can come replace the defective one you have.” So I said whenever they are downtown cuz I’m out of the office after 11 … gave them my cell and the address, and they are coming to replace it sometime today. Isn’t that freakin’ incredible? GO DELL SUPPORT! WOoooOOOOOoOoOoOooo!

Update: Today is a good day — not doing the work over at ProntoCom until Tuesday; that gives me more time to figure out exchange 5 and nt4 RAS =) w0ot!

2001-06-22 13:24:27 – watch_the_fast_and_the_furious
Fast and the Furious is very much worth your action dollar. I will say now that if you see it, do not wait for video, do not plan on renting the DVD in lieu of paying $7 at your local theatre, do not skip this if you love action. This film has it in spades. It’s worth the price of admission just to feel the engines rev in your gut.