what day is it?

I have had a very troubling time keeping track of what day is what this week. learned a lot about Frame Relay, Point to Point and ATM today at work, which was quite enjoyable. I spent a fair chunk of time bumming downtown, as usual, which was also pretty good. i am tiring of it, though; i can only go get coffee so many times before it gets annoying. dunno what to do about that.

met another guy who works @ gateway … spammed business cards, and got some e-mail addies … umm … and yea, fixed a couple things on this site … and that has been about it. came home in a helacious rain/hailstorm; almost didn’t get here. It wasn’t even close to the nice, warm rain I got to enjoy a while back; this was more of a biting, cold, harsh rain — almost malevolant. on that note, i’m thinking some stuff, and going to sleep.

2001-06-21 01:16:37 – Laura
Yeah, I had no trouble remembering waht day it was. It was Wednesday the 20th, meaning I got to go see radiohead…that show fucking ruled. it was amazing. it was orgasmic. it was at red rocks. it didn’t rain. it was warm. we stole some good seats that weren’t general admission and the people who had the tickets to them never showed up. you should all be jealous. 🙂
2001-06-21 03:28:45 – Burnz
Right, radiohead, the musical equivalent to blood vessels breaking in the brain. Orgasmic, do you hump cactus a lot? Just playing, but they do actually suck.
2001-06-21 16:48:10 – The Disco Nova
I feel your pain. Part of my job right now is installing and configuring long-haul ATM networks. I get to do a lot of work with FORE switches, LS 1010’s and Timeplexes. Get "ATM for Dummies", it is the best reference I’ve seen so far for it.
2001-06-21 17:10:31 – stai_admin_dept
2001-06-21 17:14:28 – oh_no
http://exchange.stai.com/exchange/forms/IPM/DOCUMENT/frmRoot.asp?index=0&obj=000000001A447390AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A0900EC667CA98E79D411A27A00E018C14B5D00000003408A0000EC667CA98E79D411A27A00E018C14B5D000000039E890000&acs=anon&command=open", "000000001A447390AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A0900EC667CA98E79D411A27A00E018C14B5D00000003408A0000EC667CA98E79D411A27A00E018C14B5D000000039E890000
2001-06-21 21:39:18 – The Disco Nova
Hmmmm. Should I ask, Randall?
2001-06-21 23:23:38 – rand0m
installing long haul atms? man, that’s gotta suck. I’m sure the pay is good, though … anywho, yes, Tony, wtf is up with those links? sheesh … <b>update</b>: oh, that’s, you know, internal STAI.com stuff … where jhopson works! oh tony you man you!
2001-06-22 07:15:23 – The Disco Nova
Actually that is stuff from the public folders…
2001-06-22 19:01:15 – The Disco Nova
So Tony, did you post a link to a public folder that any idiot can access for any particular reason? Should I be impressed? I was just wondering. Seems to be not a very bright thing to do. (Sorry for the almost-Flameage on your site Randall, but it is kinda insulting)
2001-06-23 13:17:54 – Any Idiot
Why can’t I get this link to work?
2001-06-23 13:38:13 – The Disco Nova
As a matter of fact, I was talking with a friend of mine in the IT department, and he said that it is specifically set up so that people can log on and leave messages in the public folders anonymously,
2001-06-24 19:05:59 – Siaokh
Disco Nova… are you the same at Laserquest? If so, ‘sup Avon. If not, please disregard. -Tim
2001-06-25 16:00:26 – The Disco Nova
(sigh) Yep, same one, who the heck is dis?