muskles, food and blah

Went and worked out for the first time in forever today … did my upper body, everything until complete muscle failure. It felt really really good … then I ran 1/2 mile and sat in the sauna for 10 minutes then took a cold shower. I feel pretty tired; my muscles are completely dead, and I’ll be hurting in the morning, but it’ll feel good.

After that, I went over to Tony’s and partook of some excellent tony-cooked salmon. It was quite good — a little lemon juice and some tomato on some especially tender fresh bone-less fish. Watched some of Abyss, then went downtown and relaxed. I had a good time.

I have also come to an unanticipated problem with my site; I am unsure if I want to continue to run it like I do. Sure, it generates some conversation and gets people interested, but unfortunately, it’s mostly people catching flak for this or that. That is not the intended purpose at all … And in that vein, I am going to cut back a bit on the amount of news that involves other people and their opinions. if this is too extreme, don’t read it.

Now, be good citizens and go put on your cargo pants and get back in line.

2001-06-20 15:36:10 – jesus