springspree, day & more

ahh, here's what billy bob thornton get's to see when he says 'suck me beautiful'Okay, so i’m thinking that people want some juicy content … I have been away for a few days, and have been unwilling to post simply because I haven’t had a whole lot of anything interesting to say that wouldn’t get people all hot and bothered … [update: why does this matter? seriously, people can just fuck off.]

So yea, as for some hot action, there is a pic of Angelina Jolie to the right … a PhotoShop Edit? waiting to happen. On that note, I have been jonesin for some p0ontang more than normal. odd that. I think it comes in waves. [update: that pic makes me want to find a girl and … umm yea.]

Saw Tomb Raider on friday, and got completely trashed with tore and later laura on friday night. that was cool. Finding my truck heavily vandalized was not cool; i have proof that it was done at my house now, but I still have no idea who did it. That sucks. Saturday Laura and I met up with tony and janelle and did springspree. that was cool. my parents saw me and came over and talked to me. that was suck. the rest of the day was very enjoyable; met up with janelle for a relaxing evening of talk, breadsticks and a brownie @ old chicago. heard there was a big party @ craig’s, i didn’t go. My parents had a talk to me about the quality of the people I hang out with and if I “know who I am” … i was mildly irritated, but put out some good comments.

Today has been really uneventful. I slept with no intention of waking up before noon … went over to the pad and watched part of “Mission to Mars” and part of the matrix … it was good. then I came home, gave my dad a card, and had some really good steak — I ate so much and it was so good I felt like I was gonna explode. then somehow survived 90 minutes [3 tapes!] of my parents shitty camera work of california. that blew cock like no other.

that’s been about it … haven’t done much of anything else besides waste time. tomorrow — a week anew!

2001-06-17 23:14:49 – bastard
Sometimes when i am lustful and meek, i take a bike ride, or cut down trees up in woodland park… it channels my energies, and allows me to focus. [Flashback: hey, did some guy just fall off of the roof?] whoa [/Flashback] As for the quality of the people you hang out with, my instinct says that sounds like guilt. odd. Tomorrow I take the snowboard and binding to kite’n’ski to get assembled, probably get the board refinished. This week I will learn how to grill salmon and cook mushroom steak.
2001-06-17 23:20:43 – rand0m
lustful and meek? wtf … I am lustful and … horny. not meek at all. so no tree cutting for me. and it’s not guilt at all, they have a point. and meat … fresh, tasty, zesty tenderness, the waves of that amazing taste rolling over my tongue … [sigh]
2001-06-17 23:50:36 – heathen friend number 467
<sarcasm>Yeah, randal, you definitely hang out with the wrong people. Get some new friends. I mean, what your friends do is definitely not normal actions for people their age. Why don’t you find some nice mormon friends who won’t drink or smoke pot or stay out late because they have lots of fun on friday nights by reading the bible </sarcasm>. On that note, if you seriously think your parents are right, then I suppose you don’t realize that they make you feel too guilty when you really do want to do all these things, but don’t want to disappoint your parents. Yet, your parents do nothing for you, they are mean, they make fun of your friends with dyed hair, they tell you you’re bad when really, they just want to think that they didn’t raise a kid who’s not perfect. so, you succumb to their wishes, they’re happy, they move out, and you read the book of mormon and sing in the church choir. i, on the other hand, will be living my life along with eveyone else. <sigh> and then there’s also the fact that my parents let me do what i want because i’m an adult(and i freely let them know what i was up to this weekend, etc.) and just let me know that they’re there for me, proud of me, love me, want me to be safe, etc., which is something very empowering as well as wonderful. i wish you had that there. anyway, this was a long rant.
2001-06-17 23:54:13 – bastard
geez, i know for a fact not everyone drinks and smokes pot and shit, but, your parents will truly shape your collective thinkings on life and happiness… i don’t think i’ve even begun to change the fact that 90 percent of my thinking comes from my dad, and I haven’t lived at home for 5 years.
2001-06-18 00:12:55 – Laura
oh yeah, did you tell your mom that she hurt my feelings? or is it okay to be rude to people who aren’t mormon and perfect like their son should be. i mean, c’mon, you’re mom was a bitch to me, and she hurt my feelings. maybe i should have said "oh, i saw an ugly fat woman walking over here with an annoying high pitched voice and i knew it must be randal’s mom." no.
2001-06-18 10:06:00 – Siaokh
OMG… that impromptu party that was held over at the geekpad… madness! Yes… there was violence by gravity (why was kermit on the roof in the first place?) , and only one (yes one) ski clubbing. Jungle juice all around. I think a few of us have violent tendencies while intoxicated (you know who you are). Oh well… A good time was had by most! -Tim
2001-06-18 11:09:17 – Laura
wasn’t kermit the one who got clubbed by the ski too? and then there was the hot next door neighbor. well, you people (males) thought she was hot. all i know is that she grabbed my ass. we should definitely do that more often. 🙂
2001-06-18 17:13:20 – Xeon
<a href="http://www.twotear.cjb.net/">Click Me LAURA!</a> <<— that link is for laura and no one else! On another note I do to feel feel that your mother violated my innocent eyes. Tell her that you hang out with clean-cut people of the happy year of 2001. We all will or do have jobs. Most of us don’t have addictions to alcohol, pot, or nicotine. I don’t at least. We enjoy recreational activities, and we are the next generation. Ohh yeah and also mention that 30 percent of your friends are Eagle Scouts in BSA.
2001-06-18 19:35:20 – rand0m
well, they made the point that laura is a fruitcake. they are not wrong there. they also said that it seems like I don’t fit in with my crowd; and to a point, they are right [honestly]. I have thought a lot of this before in the past couple weeks, none of it having to do with my parents — ask janelle, cuz I told her about it [if you don’t believe me]. And 30%? I think you missed some people there. As for addictions .. umm … yea, i’m just gonna keep my mouth shut. On another note, saunas are *amazing* things.
2001-06-18 19:49:46 – Xeon
30% seems right.. that is just over half the males you know… unless you know many females that are Eagle Scouts…
2001-06-18 20:14:18 – rand0m
let’s see … janelle, tore, tony, laura, craig — that is a very short list, of which you are only 20% … basic math, here we come.
2001-06-19 01:06:11 – bastard
randal, i consider you a good friend… so let me know if i’m not, because i don’t fit in or whatever. just asking.
2001-06-19 01:45:35 – Xeon
what about Mike, Matt, Pat, Kurt, Ray, Tim, Sam, Annie, etc.
0000-00-00 00:00:00 –
and fix my virtual directory since half my site traffic comes through it >>>!!!!!
2001-06-19 01:54:07 – %XEon
ok by that new list 18% percent.. [is tore an eagle scout?] then it’d be 27
2001-06-19 02:27:42 – Laura
yeah, uh, in my own defense, i’d like to say that i’m not a fruitcake and i don’t know what makes you think that. i’m sorry that being "different" (yes, overused word, phrase, etc.) means i’m insane. i think i’m more sane than you, randal, considering i know exactly what i want with my life, how i’m getting there, etc. that’s not insanity. i want an explanation, though. i don’t think anyone else thinks i’m a fruitcake…damnit…grrrr.
2001-06-19 02:30:28 – Laura, again
and, xeon, what was the link for? i don’t get it. also, randal, your parents look too much into appearances. i mean, you’ve had sex more recently than me, you drink, you stay out late, etc. but you look normal, so you must be.
2001-06-19 03:09:06 – mark
OK, im totally out of place by making ANY comment here because im not a part of this little group, but randal, if you need p0on as much as you do, my door is always open. I’ll leave it at that. PS- what up laura
2001-06-19 07:43:17 – realbighead
no, there is no way in hell Tore would partake of your fascist capitalist Eagle Scouts. so ram it in your ass. and while we’re at it, why the fuck am I making none of these lists? I’m better than anyone else who’s been mentioned so far… it must be phe4r. wurd.
2001-06-19 08:53:35 – nell
tore, you’re my friend. i love you. honestly, tore, it’s okay! you’re on my list!! (tee hee hee hee). and laura – i don’t think randal’s fruitcake meant insane as much as it meant (well, to use the overused word) different. you are different, you know that, and it is something that i generally see you take pride in. that is a good thing. but if you’re going to take pride in being different, don’t get so offended when the difference offends someone else’s sensitive views.
2001-06-19 09:12:28 – Laura
hey mark! you rule. i just don’t get why randal has such an issue with the fact that his image doesn’t jive with mine. i mean, i don’t think that my image jives with any of my friends images, but that doesn’t make me reevaluate (sp?) fitting in because i know that that seriously means nothing. so, i suppose that when randal says i’m a fruitcake, i assume he’s talking about my state of mind rather than the fact i’m different because that makes sense to me. i still want to know why i’m such a "fruitcake" though. 🙂
2001-06-19 10:13:10 – bastard
fruitcake n 1: a whimsically eccentric person [syn: crackpot, crank, nut, nutcase, screwball]
2001-06-19 10:25:23 – Laura
was anyone aware that tony knew how to use a dictionary?
2001-06-19 11:23:13 – rand0m
might I be the first to point out that I don’t seem to be the one with ‘issues’ … I’m not bitching heavily, I’m not coming off the handle — I’m not laura pestering randal to say more ‘bad’ things about her. I’ve been through this; remember the past year and a half? you know what people think, laura, so don’t get all pissy when they actually say it. as for tony, apparently he *can* use a dictionary, and his timing is incredible [gave me a good laugh].
2001-06-19 23:20:37 – realbighead
Jenna Bush’s Federally Protected Wetlands Now Open For Public Drilling I love the onion. (oh, and randal: nice edit of your above comment, dork)