wow …

5 comments about khakis. That just makes me feel good. That much discussion about something as simple as a certain-colored fabric that can be cargo’d or not. heh.

Went and watched the Avalanche get pounded tonight by the New Jersey Devils in game 5 of the Stanley Cup Championship. That was depressing. Something quite a bit more depressing was when tore, laura and I were sitting there and a bum came up and just talked and talked. It made me sad to see that someone who had some things going for him made a couple bad decisions and now lives beside the bank. What’s odd to me is that it seemed like he had no intention of seeking out a way to change his predicament. It was really sobering and made me feel like I take quite a bit for granted.

On another note, I haven’t really had the opportunity to spend any time with Janelle, and it shows. Seems like every time I talk to her we’re at each others’ throats; I don’t know if it’s because she’s stressed about finals and I have my own things to worry about or if I have changed into a hardened, cold shell of who I was or what, but it really sucks. I don’t like having that icy coolness in a conversation. I’ll see what I can do about this situation; I’m thinking just lay off until things settle down and unwind a bit. advice?

2001-06-05 18:00:12 – Siaokh
It is so unfortunate that the homeless people dont make any sort of attempt to get theirselves out of their unplesant situation. Sitting there on the sidewalk, asking for change 🙁 I would most certianly give the fellow quite a bit of money, but knowing that he will use the funding for alcohol and other "Bad" things, i do not. If i could be garanteed that the money would be put to good use… I’d be all over that. A very sad hockey game indeed… Hopefully the avs can re-tie up series on Thursday in NewJersey. You’ve gotta give it to both teams, they’re playing their hearts out. /whois Janelle
2001-06-05 18:35:11 – rand0m
Janelle is my ex-g/f … please see the <a href="people.asp" class=home>people page</a>.
2001-06-05 23:19:33 – Laura
hmmm…at each others throats all the time? yeah, settle that before you become mat and i. because you don’t want to become a dick, or have sex with men. hehe. yeah, i’m tired. anyway. it will pass, i hope.
2001-06-06 01:29:26 – The Burnz
Any relationship, current or lost can always be solved with cutlery.
2001-06-06 02:30:18 – RealBigHead
I have to agree with The Burnz. I don’t understand why more people don’t solve relationship issues with fork duels. Oh gee, did I misinterpret his comment? whoops.
2001-06-06 06:53:53 – Janelle
hey randal – i’d go for a fork duel, but leave out the knives… whatdaya think? :-). and you know guys, maybe it would be good for randal to go in search of sex with men. broaden his horizens, *open up his mind* :-). yeah, whatever, just a thought…
2001-06-06 09:47:57 – insaneblackdog
After a few hours of twidling with my computer I disconnected it from the phone line and ran this nice security scan hosted at DSL Reports. I got a email today saying well… <a href="/misc/tonyscan.html" class=home>you read it</a>
2001-06-06 09:58:22 – rand0m
I’m sure that if we got into a utensil duel there would be could hash out some sharp issues [hahahahahahahahahaha] as for broadening my horizons, no thanks — i don’t need anything expanded, especially not my ass! *closed-minded … whew!
2001-06-06 11:48:48 – The Burnz
First off, Black Dog, what the fuck are you talking about? Linear conversation is an art, don’t be Tony for fuck’s sake. And Tore, you were right on, it is all about the fork duels, and Randal, why won’t you give it a chance? YOu and me could make such beautiful love. Some wine and pillow talk. Friday night, lets give it a whirl!
2001-06-06 11:59:23 – rand0m
Quick note … insaneblackdog <b>is</b> tony. As for the friday night lovin — I’ll only do it as long as you’re gentle with me [hehehehehe]. Can we include some sharp objects too? I hear that masochism is all the rage now.
2001-06-06 14:31:44 – Xeon
/me locks his doors and closes the windows … no.. no.. Xeon’s not home at all! Go AWAY! /me puts on Chasity belt just in case
2001-06-06 14:36:55 – Siaokh
Room 419, Xeon has become a burn victim, he was flaming too many people on the forums. Someone retaliated, and Xeon couldnt move out of the way in time. Or he burnt his finger lighting a recreational tool. -Tim
2001-06-06 15:07:30 – insaneblackdog
remember when you were a kid and you were frightened by the "boogie monster"… turns out the "boogie monster" was a flaming homosexual predator who liked to dance, dance, dance…
2001-06-07 01:18:28 – Xeon
wow … randal likes to dance? I didn’t know that!
2001-06-07 11:42:57 – Laura
yeah, sounds like craig is flaming. maybe he could go for some hot randal ass sex. hehe. the prostate gland is fabulous, or so i hear, especially when stimulated with a fork. 😛 tore, you’re a freak. and tony…think: "what is the subject of this conversation?" and reply accordingly. 🙂
2001-06-07 12:15:11 – bastard
the subject: wow … if you would like lessons in english or in reading text i am sure i could refer you to someone that may be able to help my f&&king elbows hurt!!!
2001-06-07 12:48:02 – Laura
poor baby. do we have to be all bitchy? how’s work going. i’m going to the dentist. the end.
2001-06-07 15:23:07 – Xeon
Ok I made a joke .. and now I get flamed for it… we’ll I am done with the gay jokes because a) ppl obviously don’t get them b) I think respect for the gay community is often neglected (hey they are human too and we have to respect what they believe in) c) these jokes are getting really old I also am giving props to Tony for the awsome job of comic relief on rand0m’s web0rz