servar, sleep, leech

Was up until about 1am last night getting my servar prepped hardware-wise to give to this guy for this laptop [which I’m writing this on]. Was up until about 6am trying to get win2k to install onto a SCSI-controlled HD … with no luck. Went to sleep, woke up 2 hours later, said fuck it, and dropped it off to him. i hope he doesn’t mind [grin]. Got to work at about 10:30, and jef bitched. I just stood there … not in the mood for confrontations at all. Then I got some coffee. it was good. the lack of sleep is bad, but caffiene does great things. and now I am in a telephone closet in the roger’s building, where our wireless is, which is currently not working, and I am using some company’s DSL connection. being a computer professional is handy; it let’s me do all kinds of things that normal people can’t do [grin].

Spent the evening over at craig’s place. they smoked up. i sat away from them and loved my laptop. I’m so lame. heh