how I love

rain. it was raining on the way home tonight; when i parked, i got out, and just stood there, looking up at the sky, getting soaked by those big, fat drops of falling water. it was great. it made me feel great. and then the lightning flashed, and i could see everything — individual rain drops, the clouds, everything. it was simply spectacular. i suggest that the next time it rains everyone go out and just enjoy it.

simply incredible.

2001-05-29 05:33:43 – The Burnz
Oh goddamn Randal, not you too. Here you were sounding so anti-drug and now you are talking about the rain. Please don’t snort any more diced cock. Hey kids, I’ll be in the springs this afternoon/ evening (May 29th) and thought I would use Randal’s site to see if anyone wanted to entertain me tonight. Nothing flashy, but sex is always nice. This is Matt by the way, why don’t I just put my own damn name?
2001-05-29 15:19:27 – bastard
damn dude, we should do something unfortunately my ass was recently reclassified as "broke"