Alrighty then

Went out with Tony and Tore and saw ‘Moulin Rouge’ tonight. Man, what a whack movie! It’s funny, tragic and very out there. The best part, though, is that we met up with Ellen Satterwhite, Lilly R. and her brother Nick, Zach Frank, Adrian Tuck [tall girl from phs] and a guy I’ve never met named Jeremy. All in all, it was really good to see Lilly again …

And now, after some serious asp coding and Tony and Tore’s help, the news now shows only the latest two weeks of news, always. The news is now displayed depending on the value of a ‘ShowBit’ [1 for on, 0 for off] in the database — hence, it’s very easy to manage later on down the road. If you want something more than just the past two weeks, please hit up the archives page

And now the sobering news … I got ‘the letter’ in the mail — from the dmv. yup, on 06/26/2001 @ 3:00pm I have an ‘informal interview’ about a suspended license. That sucks. But hey, at least I had a good time with Tony and Tore, and got to see some people I haven’t seen in a long time [grin]. hope everyone has a good weekend. ‘night

2001-06-02 22:58:45 – Burning
<font style="8pt tahoma; color: black;"></font> Wow some things went really sour tonight. I wish <a href=>I</a> could have stayed around longer.
2001-06-02 23:01:28 – Counter
Did you know your counter increases +1 each time you goto different parts of your page… thus showing you a false number of visitors?
2001-06-03 01:03:13 – rand0m
I am well aware of how my counter works … thanks for being observant though.