Something’s going on

I don’t know what’s going, but there is some hella big crisis in utah; my dad has been on the phone since I got home [about 3 hours ago] … I would have updated, but I couldn’t — please forgive me, dear followers. Todays Topics are varied in both direction and length. Crack open a cold one and enjoy.

This morning I had perhaps the best shit of my entire life. ‘Nuff said.

I didn’t show up to work until 10:40. Oddly, my boss [jef] asked my why I was ‘late’ … I replied ‘for my wage, I’m right on time.’ … I don’t think he took that too well. Hrmm … the really screwed up part is that I know they won’t fire me, and I know they know this. Makes me wonder exactly how I’m seen around there. Oh well.

A ‘scumbag’ originally referred to a used condom. [old quote]

Revelation x 2: I have this personality flaw, and I need to resolve it. I have the extremely bad habit of judging what is best for others and acting to further that resolution — i.e. jumping in on other people’s business ‘for their own good’ … Seriously, this has got to stop. People, if I jump in your business, tell me to back the fuck off. if that doesn’t work, resort to physical measures. I’m not joking — it’s really bad of me. I talk about how I hate how uncle sam can spend my money better than I can, and then I turn around and act like I can run people’s lives better than they can. That is not only backwards, but it’s also very, very wrong. Give me a hand in not doing ‘what’s best for you.’

That’s all for now. Maybe a little more, if I find some interesting things … after the laundry is done.