The revelation that I am a complete and utter computer guy hit me today. I am not really happy about this, but it’s how it is … I go over to Capin-Crouse today because their router is not working … at all. They had dangling phone lines and a router. That’s it. I spent almost 4 hours making & running cable, setting up their connection, taking off sprint broadband, setting up their DNS, setting up their proxy blah blah blah. Just a lot … the head network Admin there is “A+ Certified” … he had absolutely no idea what I was doing … he just kind of stood around waiting for me to ask him to do something. This realization that I am approaching hardcoreness scares me.

I also realized that I did not build archving into my news script, which makes it tough to do archives; everything is stored in a database, and not in actual HTML. I’ll have to think that one through.