Damn, I slept poorly last night. Not real keen on why, but I did wake up at 6:30 and was actually on time to work. I think coffee will get me through the morning. I finished all my laundry which is nice — I have clothes to wear today, and I wouldn’t have them if I wouldn’t have done laundry. Typing that was annoying.

Man, what is up with the wind? It’s blowing really hard all over … I dislike wind. I dislike wind more than I dislike snow, and even more than I dislike it being blazingly hot. I think I’ll learn all about wind today.

I have no plans for tonight. It’s friday night, and I have nothing to do. [sigh] If you have plans and would like to include me, please call me. or aim me. or e-mail me. please? i don’t want to end up at the perk all night reading my book 😉