Amanda, Work Burnout, Rata Clark, Matt’s Party

OK so it’s been a long time since I posted, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. I don’t even know what’s happened in the past … three weeks. All I do know is that some have sucked and others have been OK. I am told by Corey that I am experiencing what is known as “burn out,” or when live-to-work becomes standard operating procedure. I am told this is bad. As such, I have decided to stop slaving like a pack mule on duty in the himalayas, but to instead focus on being productive while I am at work, and then … not working when I am not at work. I know that sounds like crazy talk, but sometimes revolution is necessary to incite change. OK, so Amamda (no, not Amanda, Amamda) flew into town on Saturday morning, so I’ve been ‘illin on Cloud 9 all weekend. My AIM away message even says so 😉 I’ve also not been working, since she is here, so I’m on some much needed vacation. I really can’t express with words what a good time we’ve had; it’s great that she came to visit, but it sucks that she has to leave soon :-/. Boo Leaving! Yay Amanda! Yay vacation! Yay Amanda and Vacation! Yay! So we were over at Brooklyn Bagel, or whatever it’s called this week, and there was a girl there with this huge bird dog. Then this guy comes up and sits with the girl with the dog, looks at me and says “HPI.” I kinda looked at him with this paranoid WTF look, and he says his name is Tom Harrington, used to work for one of my previous’ employers customers. Said Hi and chatted for minute. So then we’re sitting there, and lo and OFMG behold Rata Clark walks by and waves. !!! was all I could think. She has retired from PHS, encouraged me to vote, we chatted, she said I have the same face as … wow, almost 9 years ago. Holy Shit that was 9 years ago what the hell!? I’m like 01285 years old now, holy crap. Anyways, she is retired, and doing a lot of travelling with her Hubby and Anne (Bernhardt) and Anne’s SO. I had no idea that Rata was from New Zealand. I guess I didn’t pick up on these things when I was a loudmouthed little shit that she hated. She seems to like me now, though, because I’ve grown up a little. She says I’m still the same person though, and that she is pleased with that. To fill her copious amounts of spare time, she fills in as a part-time personal assistant at Shoemaker’s downtown and is there on Monday & Friday afternoons. So if you want to see Rata, there’s an easy window. 🙂 Keen had a pizzarty at his place on Saturday night and it was a great time. Met a couple new folks, re-met a couple great folks, and had a generally good night out. It was also really spooky how many people in this town went to PHS – relived a lot of memories with some folks, talked about new ones, was just a good time. I didn’t get hammered or anything, but we sure did have an enjoyable time. The bonfire thing was a definite plus. Good job Keen 😀 is under a redesign, which should come to fruition sometime this week. I am sure that all 6 of my readers are breathless with anticipation – no sneek previews, though. 😉 [b]edit[/b] – I forgot to mention that I stream audio throughout the workweek via shoutcast. You’ll need to point winamp at to make it happen. [b]edit2[/b] – Well, her plane left at 5pm, and the last time I saw her was about an hour ago (baaarely made the flight), and I am a sad monkey. I feel … empty. 🙁

2005-10-24 18:07:27 – WC
I am so sorry I couldn’t make it down to the springs this weekend. I suck. I am sorry. I am a poor college student. I hope you guys had a great time. 😉 [winkface]
2005-10-25 01:09:04 – Master Ha-reed
It’s Clarke, and that is sad. I had no idea she was from New Zealand either – she didn’t have anything that resembled a Kiwi accent. With Rata gone, that means 2 of my IB tetrarchy of awesomeness (Clarke, Kern, Hartman, Schulzki) have now retired from teaching. Sucks for the kids @ Palmer now.
2005-10-25 01:12:20 – Master Ha-reed
Request for the new site: fix the little JavaScript that causes (at least) every Mozilla and Konqueror based browser to render the year as "105". If you know the nuts and bolts of IOS you should be able to fix that, Mr. Teh Awesome Director of Network Ops.
2005-10-25 03:59:22 – jrdn
lol 6 readers? sorry man, last census said 4
2005-10-25 03:59:49 – jrdn
its ok… you can still rely on mistress j bieng overly obese
2005-10-25 10:16:21 – Netheus
Hey, only three people read what I have to say, if it makes you feel any better. And they never leave any form of feed back.
2005-10-25 12:45:52 – rand0m
Yea, not coming to the party. Grr. I thought it was Clarke too, but went with safe. Turns out that "Rata" is a type of tree-flower down there. And the jscript time thingy will be gone; everybody can use their own devices to determine what time it is without relying on this site. Neth, do you have a site or something? I’ll give you some feedback … it may be worthless, inane feedback, but you’ll get some 😉