Dream, How do Congressmen choose?

I had the craziest dream last night. Somehow, I thought up that Janelle, the old flame from yesteryear, was seeing [L=http://www.shmoo.com/~gdead/]Bruce[/L] from the [L=http://www.shmoo.com]Shmoo Group[/L]. Except that it couldn’t be him, because this guy was at least 6’1″, and Bruce is maybe 5’10”. I don’t know what else happened, because I woke up and forgot, but that peice stuck with me. I watched West Wing last night, and something really hit me – do our Congressmen give a shit about what their constituents think? Do they vote on things based on their own politcal gains, the voice of their public at large (gleaned via polls etc), or based on the relatively few vocal folks who actually write letters / call? If it’s the first, then Wow, we’re all fucked, as every pork barrel project out there will pass and everybody is just jockying for their job. If it’s the second, then great. If it’s the third, then the extremists will inevitably run this country until the teaming masses wake up. I thought about this at length last night, and found it terribly disconcerting. Our ad goes into the [L=http://www.csbj.com]CSBJ[/L] this Friday; I am stoked. I’m also going to go see the Aristocrats sometime with Laura.

2005-10-06 03:56:15 – jrdn
we are talking about randal here… come on
2005-10-05 16:07:36 – realbighead
you remember a 3-inch discrepancy in height, but nothing else?
2005-10-07 14:15:09 – Disco Nova
At least he doesn’t remember a three inch discrepancy in length.
2005-10-08 22:28:45 – realbighead
At least that would be a bit more significant.
2005-10-24 00:04:24 – Netheus
I miss you guys… I know I never do anything about it, but I do think about everyone all the time… Carolyn called me tonight, she is moving to New York. Anyone know what’s going on with Mike?