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OK So I don’t even know. I mean, so much stuff happens, and then I don’t post, and it’s sad. Keen made me buy Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory a couple weeks ago, finally got around to playing it this weekend. It’s a good game, especially with Dolby Digital. Unfortunately, WOW has resurfaced and is taking all my time, [L=]to the detriment of other games[/L]. Sometimes there are games, then there are good games that put everything else to shame. That’s how it rolls, though. I purchased an Audio/Video stand after doing titties & wings this past Sunday. Here is a [L=]photo[/L] or [L=]two[/L]. It looks a LOT cleaner than the wooden monstrosity we’ve been using for ages … the wicked cabling job that Keen and I did doesn’t hurt either. Because it’s so funny and nobody ever gets it when I start ranting about my ubermicro, I am mirroring the PurePwnage series. [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 1 – The Life of a Pro Gamer[/L] [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 2 – Girls[/L] [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 3 – FPS Doug[/L] BOOM HEADSHOT! [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 4 – Pwn or be Pwned[/L] [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 5 – M8S[/L] [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 6 – IMAPWNU of Azeroth[/L] [L=]PurePwnage – Episode 7 – MMO GRRL[/L] There is a wicked blog going on over at [L=]Interdictor’s Site[/L] about New Orleans, the hurricane and DirectNIC’s struggle to stay up. It’s a pretty good read, has some great photos and live camera feed. Cool stuff. Also, work bought me a laptop, it’s on it’s way now. Dell d610/2.13Ghz Pent-M/1GB/80GB/ATI-X300. Blah blah blah. It’s stupid powerful and should last forever. Yay!

2005-09-08 02:35:34 – pinky
ooh, the new stand does look nice. now, if you had some funky/modern metal lamps to go with it, you could be on cribs…hehe. maybe i’ll get around to going out for beers with you this weekend, or maybe not.
2005-09-08 08:58:44 – rand0m
probably spending the weekend in Denver – party at Craig’s, bbq at steve’s, etc. Should be back on Sunday though.
2005-09-08 13:13:22 – realbighead
I personally think that you need to elevate the TV a couple of feet. Big as it is, it kinda looks dwarfed by the wall. Nice rack, though. 🙂
2005-09-09 15:59:04 – GrooveMan
When is your Laptop getting in?
2005-09-09 17:58:21 – rand0m
Came in at 4:30pm, which is terribly late for UPS. But it’s here, and I’m a-bringin it.
2005-09-15 21:18:34 – Dave
Looks sick bro, grats. Also, we started rolled horde on "twisting nether" a new pvprp server. Lates~!
2005-09-17 15:06:16 – Box
Randal, do me a favore and take a pic or two of the pad. I miss hanging out there during your sexy parties… and James’ 2 monitor display.
2005-09-17 20:24:44 – The Disco Nova
The new hardware in my box Athlon X2 4200+ Dual Core CPU Sapphire X850XT PE Video Card Fatal1ty AN8 ALI Mobo 2 GB Platinum Edition OCZ RAM 2 80 GB Hitachi HD’s in RAID 0 Zalman Reservator Plus Liquid Cooling Eat your heart out.
2005-09-19 00:05:06 – Box
… can I have your old hardware plzkthx