Denver, Steve’s place, Help?

I forgot to mention that Amanda and I went up to Denver last Wednesday so she could take a scuba class. While we were up there, I had the opportunity to swing by Steve’s shiney new place. All I have to say is WOW and congrats. It’s a really nice pad, and the gigantic HD/DLP super-pro TV doesn’t hurt either. Steve, Ben & I met up with Craigalito and his g/f Rachel at the Island over on the east side (steve had a volleyball game), then we played ping pong and hung out. Ended back up over at Steve’s place and had a helluva time playing NFL Street & relaxing. Amanda’s class finished at 10:15pm (was aiming for 8pm :-/), and, after an unsuccessful jaunt to Caribou Coffee, we ended up in Lodo looking for a place to eat. That was an experience. Lodo is a very confusing place. Regardless, we ate at Mario’s Double Fisted Pizza, and it was really good – hit the spot just right. Then a drive home, and that was it. I need a laptop. If you have a lead, please let me know. If you are a super-pro IGP + EGP routing wizard and would like to give me a hand with some route redistribution problems I’m facing, please email me at rand0m at rand0m dot org, or aim `rand0m`

2005-08-22 11:42:36 – Netheus
I miss you Randal. And I miss James. And Matt. And everyone we went to high school with. I’m sorry. It’s the first day back at school, and the damn chickens are dancing around and clucking way too close to me, and I am remembering why I hate everyone at UCCS. >sigh<
2005-08-22 21:12:16 – rand0m
chin up, hun, you’re in college, kicking ass and taking names – don’t let the mensch get you down.
2005-08-26 11:33:47 – Netheus
2005-08-26 19:13:43 – hellbent rob
hey does anybody know how to fix an WIA problem in window’s camera and scanner wizard. I’d like it to actually remember my preference in scanning in black and white each time I scan. Here is a webpage that say how to do it, but I’m just not an IT guru. If some some could create something that is self installing and fixes the problem I’d be grateful.
2005-08-30 18:41:28 – WC
For those of you not in the loop. Google talk is hot.