headed to defcon

It’s 6:30pm, and keen will be here in a few minutes to start our trip to Defcon 13! Check here for updates. [b]Update[/b] – Well we made it back to town safe and sound, with no arrests, no pullovers, no issues at all in over 1600 miles and 4 days of debauchery. I’ll follow up tomorrow sometime with all the photos and a documentary! [b]Update #2[/b] – I lied! I won’t be updating until Wednesday, because it’s 11:25pm on Tuesday and I’m damn tired.

2005-07-30 11:01:02 – WC
||33|) P1><!
2005-08-02 08:45:57 – WC
Quakecon in next week. You wanna go?
2005-08-02 08:46:09 – WC
in = is
2005-08-05 08:58:13 – GrooveMan
Web of Lies…
2005-08-05 10:18:09 – rand0m
I know, I know. I’m actually working on it -RIGHT NOW-
2005-08-05 16:41:09 – realbighead
I lied! I won’t be updating ever!
2005-08-07 18:26:20 – The Disco Nova
He is too busy searching for pics of a transvestite to update
2005-08-07 18:28:53 – rand0m
fuck yea, james drove me to it with his non-stop grabass.