Bday w/ Rents, network maintenance, Defcon, XMas Cruise

OK so here is another post. This week has been hit or miss, but some cool shit is on the horizon. I went to dinner with my ‘rents at the Iron Springs Chateau in Manitou Springs and had a helluva time. The food was pretty good (family style), but it wasn’t the main course; the vaudeville-esque show was absolutely incredible and extremely well done. It was followed up with an olio-style affair of skits, which was also a really good time. I thought it would be kind of lame, but the actors recognize that it’s corny as hell and go out of their way to make sure everybody is laughing it up. Thanks mom & dad! I had some network maintenance the other night. It was rough, and eventually had to execute a backout strategy. When you do maintenance, things never work -exactly- as planned, you have to adapt as things crop up. Unfortunately, when things are not going as planned in the 8+ page network maintenance packet, I get frustrated and lose the ability to crate insightful resolutions to newfound issues. Such was the case the other day. Eventually 1:50am came around and we had to pull out for fear of running through our window. After a restless 3 1/2 hours of sleep, it hit me that I made glaring oversights with regard to VLAN databases … made the whole thing not work. Couldn’t see it then, but saw it very clearly afterwards. Didn’t even have to google it, just knew what the issue was. D’oh. I’m sorry to let you guys down, but I’m not God :-/ Keen and I are going to [L=]Defcon 2005[/L]. We decided this while we were out yesterday. We’re driving outta here on Thursday night, making it there Friday a little before noon. From there, wild partying will commence. We’ll be heading out on Monday morningish to make it back for work on Tuesday. Paulie, Keen and I decided we’re going on a cruise for xmas/new years. We’re looking at flying down to Florida on the 24th or 25th, hanging out with Paulie & Keen’s folks (they’re all in FL), going to Disney World, partying, then departing on the 29th or 30th for the Bahamas / West Caribbean. We’ll be partying hard and spending NYE2k6 on the water in the middle of the ocean. Fuck yea. I think we’ll be able to get some pro discounts if we can get more peeps to come, so lemme know if you’re 21+, interested in partying/drinking/sexing for a week and have about a thousand bucks. Fuck yea!