Linux & Sex Kittens

Man, had a bunch of things piling up on my plate to post about, and am finally getting around to it. Things are going pretty well on my end, so I’ll put up some things I’ve seen recently along with blurb to jumpstart some discussion. Unfortunately, you’ll have to actually read the articles that I link to to get the background. If you don’t and you comment about them, I’ll slap you. [b]Why do people hate RedHat?[/b] [L=,1759,1592544,00.asp],1759,1592544,00.asp[/L] With that link, I’d like to say that I’ve had the opportunity to work on two separate, no, make that three, RedHat-owned Fedora Core installs. One is a webserver in Texas. I was installing some custom java webapp hoohaa on it, and although the Host, iPowerWeb, does their best to make a colo’d server ready to go, it wasn’t what I was looking for. Despite that, it was pretty easy, even pleasant to find standard SysV init scripts, all my normal utilities, everything ready to go. A few hours later, *poof* a very customized box. The other two options have both been on the same physical hardware – once running Fedora Core 2 x86 and once on the same OS, x86-64bit. Both were very straightforward and did exactly as I pleased. My only complaint with Fedora is RPMs. And it’s not just Fedora, it’s almost all major linux distros. RPMs are almost always binaries, which makes it a real PITA when I have to link apps to eachother while building them. I’m not a linux hacker, and maybe I should be using the $app.src.rpms, but I’ve found that to be an annoyance. So yea, I like linux. But is it as good as FreeBSD? Not yet 😉 [b]Sweaty Southern Sex Kittens[/b] OR [i]How women could utilize femininity in a relationship[/i] [L=][/L] You know, there are a lot of people out there who think that feminism is about destroying the male-dominated society, blah blah blah. That’s great. Yay for out with the old, in with the new. The unfortunate part of this plan is that males don’t like it when their women are psycho. The link above is sort of a guide on how women -could- use femininity to make their man happy, and in turn totally own him in every way. Before you all go totally apeshit about what a horrible masoginistic woman-hating testosterone filled peice of shit I am, keep in mind that every male DOES love southern women. Maybe it’s because they’re not busting our balls 24/7, or trying to push an agenda, but instead are trying to get the most out of the relationship by contributing a little bit in leiu of demanding 100% “equality.” I guess it boils down to women are women and men are men, and neither should try to be the other. But that’s just my opinion. Discuss.

2004-09-23 22:23:17 – nick
Redhat: Don’t give a fuck about what they do as a corporation, really. The distribution itself? It can blow me–but only because of rpms. I’d rather chew off my own penis than deal with rpm dependencies and such. The woman article: I’d have to second your standpoint. Can’t think of much to add at the moment.
2004-09-24 07:57:27 – Netheus
regardless of how that article states it, what you are sayingis that you want a woman to lie to you so that you feel better. On the other hand, we want you to lie to us to make us feel better too. But because so many people say that they want an honest partner, northern women tell the truth a bit more often, and we get called bitches who are all up in your ass 24/7. It’s a Catch-22.
2004-09-24 09:38:21 – Master Ha-reed
There is a difference between lying and being tactful. I think the article advocates the latter.
2004-09-24 09:49:30 – Master Ha-reed
And the people that try to claim that gender is some societal influence that is learned have to fight through quite a bit of biology, especially neurobiology. There have been plenty of studies that have shown what happens to boys with botched circumcisions that are brought up as girls: they reject their dolls, etc and want to play with what all the other boys are playing with.
2004-09-24 13:16:03 – Master Ha-reed
Hey Randal – does this mean that you ended up getting the colo from iPowerWeb? If so – is it decent? I seem to remember something about it being ridiculously cheap, so I’m suspicious.
2004-09-24 14:00:23 – rand0m
Actually, the colo is at ipowerweb, but it’s not mine. It’s some consulting work from remote. I also found out with great annoyance that upgrading libc is a really bad thing unless you’re 1) in front of the console and 2) doing it while recompiling world*. Damn linux and it’s dynamic linking for everything! Thank god that you can still build FBSD with statically-linked everything. *world is a BSD (linux too?) term for kernel + base + all apps
2004-09-24 14:05:04 – rand0m
Oh, right to answer your question. ipowerweb is a decent host. They’re support is lacking, and I don’t know if it’s just this server or what, but their bandwidth sucks. Like … 20-40KB/sec downloads instead of the 300+KB/sec I would like to see … I’m guessing it’s just what this client bought bandwidth wise. Also, their base install of redhat is really full featured, has everything most people would need to start web/email hosting, including the Plex control panel.
2004-09-25 02:08:29 – WC
Don’t forget kiddies! [L=]Linux is for Bitches![/L] Over the linux boxen I have been responsible for in the past I can attest that linux blows chunks. Its slow to deploy (imo) and is a pain the ass to manage its deps for packages. FreeBSD and other *BSDs do this way better. The best way I can think of at the moment to describe linux vs BSD is that Linux is grown and BSD is designed. I like my apps to be designed and not just chunked together like a poorly built website. There is a very distinct reason why Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD 5.x branch. Ohh and btw Win2k3 is a good OS too :). As for the girls. I like my girls to take care of me as much as I take care of them. I do not care for girls that ride my ass 24.7 althought it does keep me on my toes. For that I like my girls to know when I need to be on my toes and when I need to be on my back ;-). SOME southern women are great. But when I think of a nice southern gal I the image that tends to come to mind are civil-war era girls. Those in my mind are sweet loving girls. Hey randal, don’t forget to check [L=]this[/L] out and thx for the cs tonight! :-p
2004-09-26 09:06:09 – Netheus
On a woman vs. woman point of view, Southern women are quick to come to hostilities, and can be hateful bitches. To other women. Their relations to men are very different because they usually have an agenda to push. You are being manipulated. And there is a difference between being lying and being tactful. Not much of a difference, and I hate being lied to or manipulated, so I really see no difference. And women enjoy sex just as much as men. It’s just that they have a different set of priorities. But damnit, I don’t want to smell the trash right after a good lay, so it’s getting taken out before te fucking commences.