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Thought I’d drop a line and let ya’ll know I’m not dead. Some neato things are afoot, but dunno if they’re going anywhere. Keen’s in New York, already scooted away after having just returned from Vegas. Punk. Amazingly enough, Adrian from my highschool spanish class works at Mitre with Keen now. We went out all together and played pool & drank at Phantom … was a good time. Small world, eh? [b]Update[/b]: Apparently Keen does not leave until Tuesday. Damn his [L=]moblog[/L]! Just because I wanted to be more portable, this site now runs off of mySQL instead of Microsoft SQL. FYI. [b]Update[/b]: Thanks to [L=]Jared[/L] for pointing out the missing ‘add comment’ link and the mishandled dates (both fixed).

2004-09-08 15:14:42 – keener2u
I’m not dead yet! I leave next Tuesday.
2004-09-09 19:13:30 – keener2u
…Just had to get everything ready for next week. I don’t think I will have internet access the whole time I am out there *cries* Anyway that and Defcon 12 Baby was kinda getting old!
2004-09-09 23:25:23 – mark
big fan of shorter, but more frequent updates 😉
2004-09-16 21:37:14 – Netheus
If anybody catches that add on the tv for Oktoberfest, you’ll notice that Mo and Shawn’s little brother are the one’s dancing. And in another shot, the PHS German club doing the Chicken dance. And If I’m right, it was from the year when I was bribed for a pot of coffee….. Damn those little morals….
2004-09-19 16:51:09 – keener2u
Oktoberfest? Is this another reason to get drunk on beer before lunchtime? If so Count Me In! The downtown microbrew festival is happening this year. The expalanation was something on the lines of blocking a downtown street bad…
2004-09-20 11:17:38 – WC
Anyone going to the [L=]Great American Beer Festival[/L]? If so we should meet up and ill it. I think Ian and I are going on Oct 2nd. Shoot me an email to my gmail account (above) and let me know if you wanna come hang with us.
2004-09-21 09:10:52 – GrooveMan
StarWars DVD comes out today… Kickass!
2004-09-21 10:51:28 – Master Ha-reed
[insert geeky commentary about Han shooting first here]
2004-09-22 08:47:45 – GrooveMan
[insert agreement with geeky commentary]
2004-09-23 18:29:34 – mark
[insert geeky correction that Greedo shot first, not Han] also, there are 6 free gmail invites for all 3 people in the world that still dont have accounts at top-right in the whiteboard.
2004-09-23 21:17:38 – rand0m
Greedo only shoots first in the "new and improved" versions. In the original, Han pwns his ass without provocation as we all would expect him to. I dislike the new and huggable Han.