Busy day, Sammi, SBT

Wow today was a busy day. To start with, I awoke well rested for the first time in forever. I had to go out to falcon in the early morning – left at 8am, but unfortunately got half way there and realized that the radio I had with me wasn’t configured. Came back, conf’d it, went out there, spent 2 hours on someone’s roof and then came back into town. Yay for installing / fixifying radios. I then went to lunch with Super Sammi at Phantom Canyon. Ordered the Rootbeer/BBQ Chicken, which was very melony and not at all what I was expecting, but eh. Anyways, lunch was great. Her trip to South Africa sounded kick-ass … I can’t wait to travel abroad 🙂 Anyways, it was a very insightful lunch because Sammi is really smart. And insightful … and everything else good in the world. *sigh* So as I was coming back from Falcon I drove pretty close to Signs By Tomorrow and was thinking “wow, I haven’t heard from Paul in a while, I’ll have to give him a ring sometime” … sure enough, not 20 minutes after I got back to the office he calls me while in the middle of a computer crisis. I tell him I can swing by post-lunch, and I do, to find … Janelle there! Yay for unexpectedly meeting the ex-gf with no prep time / obligatory self-delusion time! I had a little trouble concentrating, but I did fix SBT’s problem in less than thirty minutes (their internal software support didn’t fix throughout several -days- (ego boost here)). I then split outta there as fast as I could to avoid any awkwardness w/ nell … and it’s just business, you know? (lame excuse filter here) Anyways, got back to the store and it’s been chill. Been a good day.

2004-07-06 22:16:24 – Disco Nova
*waits for sammi to demasculate Randallll again*
2004-07-06 22:39:22 – rand0m
*premptively & post-emptively (???) cries on the inside.*
2004-07-06 22:50:17 – Master Ha-reed
Two rand0m.org posts in two days??!??!?! Cough….gasp…..*falls to floor*
2004-07-06 23:08:14 – nurseboy
Eh…he was just bored…… So I assume your lunch was good?
2004-07-06 23:41:35 – Netheus
I need someone who can make my compy sound card spit out good noise on my stereo speakers. Can anyone help me? I will bribe you with food/ alcohol/ poison of your choice. aim me. Netheus.
2004-07-07 00:02:07 – WC
Neth I personally prefer the Sounblaster Live! series sound cards. I think the new ones are 5.1 if I’m not mistaken. I personally have an older 4 channel one and it sounds great hooked up to my 450W speakers. Hope that helps 🙂
2004-07-07 00:27:54 – Netheus
actually, through the use of some helpy web site and shear fucking around, we used a speaker cord (shielded) and adapted it to a patch cord (shielded, and otherwise known as an amp cable), and stuck that into the mic pickup on the mixer to the tables that run through the reciever, and then into the speakers. Then I went in and changed the audio device setting so that it broadcast 5.1, instead of just to PC Speakers. Technically, I have 10.1 sound coming out of my speakers. I also have the digital only output going through a woofer with 4.1, a random speaker that I can hook into just about anything from the very first computer I ever owned, and the stereo match that goes along with that, and then the stereo has 5.1…. so I guess that is actually 11.1. Holy shiat. Now if I could just position them all properly…. mmmm….. sound stuff….
2004-07-08 10:15:41 – Hellbent Rob
Hey if you feel like you’re having a bad day, just check out this webpage and you’ll feel better… okay not really, but you’ll get a laugh http://www.dakine.net/humor/uninspirational-posters-1.shtml
2004-07-08 10:34:52 – jordan
so, i´ve been in chile for about three weeks now. mostly i´ve stayed inb the capital (i´m working, not on vacation). it lookslikethe US. only you can´t flush the tp, and people make outin public like there´s no tomorrow. for instance, i´m in my office right now, and one of my office mates is making out with his girlfriend. people also kçmake out int he break room here at work. it´s kind of unsettling. i´m not complaining, mind you, just making a note. I´D like it if someone would make out with me in public, but nothing´s doing. strength and honor. jordan out
2004-07-08 11:38:48 – rand0m
Are the keyboards different there? Also, find a hit chick and just get it on – I hear it’s a very open culture.
2004-07-08 19:44:18 – jordan
keyboards: the keyboards are different. finding hot chicks: physics, being the universal science has immutable laws. one of these is that there are no women anywhere close to where i work. i´m trying to get out, but, well, another one of those immutable laws is that i´m not very good at talking to women. go figure.
2004-07-09 07:35:31 – Netheus
Jordan, don’t worry about the girls, they’ll find you. No one remains hidden from our all seeing supreme collective eyes.
2004-07-09 13:23:09 – WC
Look! Theres a girl right now. Ohh you missed her. DANG! Maybe next time 😉 Hang in there jordan!
2004-07-13 21:48:23 – Manny
That’s not funny Craig. <Deadpan>
2004-07-14 18:31:55 – kurty
jordan, go to Viña Del Mar if you get a chance. Watch out for the gypsies, they like to follow you, and their dancing children will snatch up your pockets at any given opportunity. I actually prefer La Serena to Viña Del Mar, but it’s much farther away (their touristy shopping district is lots of fun)! Does the chicken still taste like fish? Oh, and sorry for having been a jackass the last few years… It’s amazing what you learn about yourself, people and life when you spend it living in the back of your vehicle, on friends couches, or in the woods for a few months.
2004-07-14 22:14:26 – Netheus
been there, did that…. Mysister was living in a tent during one of the worst winters Minnesota had seen in a decade, and floated across the Mississippi river in her tent one night. Probably one of the many reasons why she has had 3 ulcers since she was 10…
2004-07-16 10:06:55 – Hellbent Rob
I just wanted to take a moment and wish you a Happy Birthday Randy!!! 🙂
2004-07-16 11:22:48 – pinky
yeah, happy birthday….
2004-07-16 15:35:00 – WC
Happy B-day Randal!
2004-07-16 15:36:08 – WC
btw don’t get any ideas about running around everlan in your b-day suit. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!
2004-07-16 22:46:34 – Manny
Some of us A-dults may not be able to handle it either.
2004-07-21 14:05:26 – WC
God Damn this website is worse than New York Times when it comes to CONTENT!!
2004-07-23 19:23:41 – Chuck
nice picture of the Beamer girl…..She used to be my neighbor a few years back. Interesting to run into her here.
2004-07-23 19:45:21 – rand0m
especially with the naked part! Bet you never saw that from next door … or maybe you did. pics? 😉
2004-07-25 17:49:14 – keener2u
I need content! How am I supposed to know what is happening in Colorado Springs when I am not there if you don’t post:P BTW belated birthday of happiness. You sounded quite busy on the phone last sunday.
2004-07-26 02:50:44 – WC
All I have to say is "Scotty doesn’t know!"
2004-07-28 11:18:51 – Manny
The content free Randal is sort of depressing me. Please post more dirt so I can live vicariously through you.
2004-07-28 23:34:16 – Netheus
What is the current platform of the two major political parties for this election year? Discuss.
2004-07-29 09:08:03 – Netheus
Or, if someone has figured out the plot to Rocky Horror….?
2004-07-29 13:26:27 – Master Ha-reed
[L=http://www.jibjab.com]"This Land" parody[/L] Need anyone say more?
2004-07-29 15:37:00 – Dice
I check out this site every month or so, which is funny since the only person I know on here is Jordan, and whenever I talk to him, he ignors me. Who am I again?
2004-07-29 16:26:27 – The Disco Nova
Popular consensus is that you are an asshole.
2004-07-30 21:12:38 – Dice
Thanks person I don’t know.
2004-07-30 23:06:50 – The Disco Nova
Anytime, person who is an Asshole