River rafting and more!

Keen, Paulie and I [L=http://rand0m.org/images/rafting070304]went river rafting[/L] on Saturday afternoon. It was a really good time … I was kind of thinking about backing out on Friday, but decided that what the hell, I’m going to go and have a good time. There were *TONS* of hot chicks around. It was just gratuitous :-). Paulie and I both leapt off the raft and went for swims, and after a much-too-long-for-comfort attempt to get me back in the raft (due to a loose lifejacket) everybody ended up back on shore, nice and dry. Except Keen, who wore cotton 😉 We ate at a place called Pizza Madness and the food was incredible — definitely have to go back there next time I swing through Canon City. The Gorge, btw, is HUGE. I can’t explain how high the cavern walls get, nor how long the Royal Gorge Bridge is. It’s really all quite impressive. [L=http://rand0m.org/images/rafting070304]Photos Are Here[/L]. I went to Corey’s bday party on Thursday night, got like 3 hours of sleep. Then I worked Friday night and went to Falcon in the morning, got another 3 1/2 hours of sleep. Then I went rafting. Then I worked a lockin until 9am Sunday. I was a very tired monkey – luckily, I didn’t do shit on Sunday, and went on a nice lunch outting with my sister earlier this afternoon. Been a great weekend. James friend came over last night with her two hot-as-fuck roommates for the sole intent of getting drunk. Unfortunately for everybody involved, not only did the end up not getting drunk, but they left early. Why? One of the girls is a prude. Meh. Oh well, they were nice eye candy for a couple hours. Tore and I tangled on AIM. I think he’s a pompous obstinate blowhard who believes that the world owes him something, and gets an unbelievably large pleasure out of manipulating people / playing mind games with folks. Additionally, he is always right and there is no room for any opinion other than his own. I strongly disapprove of all of that — the world doesn’t owe anybody shit, no matter what college tells you, mind games are horrible things and only serve to -REALLY- piss off those of us who don’t play them, and thinking so highly of oneself as to not even consider others’ opinions is just plain awful. This does not work out with Mr. A-Type me. I am unsure of where this will lead. Sammi is back in town, scheduled lunch with her manana. Dunno how that’ll [L=http://rand0m.org/viewcomments.php?NewsID=431#4541]go.[/L]

2004-07-06 11:41:31 – GrooveMan
Nice Breakfast Randy 😛
2004-07-06 11:43:01 – GrooveMan
Wow, that was a Quick Fix 😉
2004-07-06 12:59:28 – WC
I’m glad you have fun this weekend Randal. I know that the store and HPI have been a pretty big gig lately and I am glad to hear that you had a chance at some outside fun.
2004-07-06 19:04:42 – nurseboy
Yeah, rafting WAS fun! We need to go again. James does have some hot friends…too bad they didn’t seem like they wanted to hang out with us. BTW, you might want to check out the link for the Echo Canyon sign photo. I don’t think that’s the correct sign OR canyon…but I’m sure it’s still a fun ride….:D
2004-07-06 19:06:01 – nurseboy
well crap…. the photo link is working now…..that’s no fun
2004-07-06 21:11:01 – rand0m
wow, you AND steve got the porno instead of the right picture. I wonder WTF is going on. hmmm.
2004-07-06 22:48:13 – Master Ha-reed
WTF? No rapids? What’s rafting w/o rapids? Or were you taking pictures w/ an expensive camera that does not like being mashed against rocks?
2004-07-06 23:06:19 – nurseboy
well, considering he was PADDELING during the rapids…. hey randal, i didn’t mind the beemer girl flash….i was just wondering if you did it on purpose….
2004-07-07 00:15:04 – Master Ha-reed
Real men don’t paddle. They get flipped over and almost die in a Class IV rapid.
2004-07-07 15:30:27 – rand0m
we were doing class 4 rapids, and honestly they were a joke. I would really like to go again sometime and hit some 5s.
2004-07-07 20:53:02 – Master Ha-reed
Well maybe the Class IV rapid I went on was more of a bitch. However, the fact that we were going the day of the year when the water level was the highest might have something to do with it.