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Ok, so 1:47am on a Thursday. WTF am I doing awake, you might be asking … hmm … actually, probably not. Regardless, I went and had a beer, then put my hax on James’ computer, and it didn’t work. POS Wal-Mart USB wireless adapter. So my brother came here and posted. That’s neat and super and all, but man, maybe I just don’t like family and whatnot, but family / personal issues should not be aired in public (unless it’s your personal website and you’re ranting about one particular thing). With that being said, Matt, please email me at Thnx. Okay, so there’s this theoretical situation. Say you sorta-hookup with a medium level friend, but then fear the inevitable “cling-on” effect, where they attempt to attach their lives to yours by adding too much … erm … feeling to the whole situation? WTF is a guy supposed to do!? Fucking hormones, always fucking everything up. I am glad that I do not have a strong case of the “Can’tkeepitinmypants” syndrome. I have also decided, thanks in part to Laura, to never have a solid, long term belief, as it will not only be challenged, but assaulted over and over. Honestly, it’s a lot easier to just be “open minded” and go with whatever is popular at the time, be it women’s rights, liberal social policy or what have you. WTFOMGBBQ, why is Randal spouting such heinous ideas you are obviously not asking. Well, I’ll tell you anyways: it’s because I don’t have the patience to debate that shit anymore. I might as well give in and go with the flow instead of building up animosity / aggression / irritation. Sure, it’s at the expense of personal opinion and such, but it sure makes political/religious/philosophical discussions easier. Day job is good. Jack is out on contract for several months, leaving me to handle the entire shebang on my own. I might ask for a raise. Dunno. The store is doing better after the Christmas break slump, but it’s not banking. We will probably need to do a good financial evaluation to see if this thing is ever going to work, or if we’re wasting our time. It’s nice owning a business; it’s would not be nice to own a drowning business. I think I saw Anna Pruitt at Pikes Perk. Of course she didn’t give me the time of today (what else would I expect? acknowledgement? HA!). It was definitely her, if she put on 30lbs since the last time I saw her. Jordan or somebody else, feel free to chime in. I did not spend time with Janelle while she was here. Shit. I actually wanted to, but it didn’t happen. She came over to the store and hung out with Tore, but I didn’t really talk to her. See previous posts RE: east-coast/european snobbery yada yada. I should have really made the effort. FUck me. With that, all I have to ask is … what if the hokey pokey really *is* what it’s all about?

2004-01-15 10:46:36 – a nice girl
i saw anna pruitt at pikes perk about a week ago. she definitely was very nice and gave me the time of day and we talked for a little while about how scared we are of graduating and facing the real world. i did not think she’d gained thirty pounds, but i probably wasn’t checking out her body as much as you were. then again, thirty pounds is enough that i probably would have noticed. she looked the same to me. by the way, weren’t you going to call me so that we could hang out one more time while i was home? so much for that theory; i leave tomorrow. i’ll miss you and i’ll see you some other time, i’m sure.
2004-01-15 11:23:47 – paulie
WTF man! No letter, no cards, no e-mail??????? Wassap man? How are things back home? Got that package that Chris sent out. Had one of Matt’s DVD home movies in it. The store looks neat. Looks like I may be home in Mid-March. Hope so, I am soooo sick of this shit. Well, get back to me sometime bro.
2004-01-15 12:05:09 – Netheus
saw Matt Blum at Comic Book store yesterday. Wants to know about DSL or some kind of fast connection, told him to get a hold of you randal. Comic book store dude died of Addisons Disease, so no new books 🙁
2004-01-15 12:56:41 – Manny
Yo randal, I think I left my copy of the Economist’s "The world in 2004" in your store on Monday. Hope you guys still got it, that mag is the bomb. Also, this programming class in Boulder sucks. Coding sucks. Debugging sucks. Need one of James’ martinis… now.
2004-01-15 12:59:14 – rand0m
HAHA, scared of graduating and facing the "real world". The "real world" does exist! Thank God, I thought I’d been living in some netherlimbo. And I wasn’t checking her out, because this person was not fit. At all. Probably wasn’t her. If I’m not mistaken, I arranged the previous meet and was thinking this was your go. Unless, of course, I am only under the impression that I arranged the first meet. That sort thing happens a lot when you meet a great girl … let’s the guy have the satisfaction of being the ‘arranger’, but he’s actually not. At all. And that’s okay. [end ramble] Things back home are … shit, I wish I knew. I don’t go out or do anything really, just work, so I can’t give you a good estimate of how things really are (for others). For me though, I’m busy as shit. And Keen is in Boston-ia. w3rd. I spoke to Matt Blum yesterday, actually, gave him my $.02. And diseases = suck.
2004-01-15 13:03:16 – rand0m
I am told that there is no "The World in 2004" texts laying around at the store :-/ … maybe at the house? I’ll do a quick run through when I swing by there later. I would like a martini or five right know. feh.
2004-01-15 13:16:22 – Big Brother
Personaly there are two ways to solve most of lifes problems. One is my personal favorite. I have found that highexplosives tend to fix just about every problem thrown at a person. The second is money. If you heap enough money on a problem you may be able to achieve a desirable effect, if not maby your problem will smother to death. If all else fails resort to problem solver one. Big Brother.
2004-01-15 14:07:28 – The Disco Nova
You stole WTFOMGBBQ from you bastage.
2004-01-15 14:08:08 – The Disco Nova
Whoops, I just woke up, from me.
2004-01-15 14:29:37 – WC
WTF STFU OMG AHHH!!! OK So don’t tell me to RTFM but WTF does WTFOMGBBQ – specifically BBQ mean?
2004-01-15 14:33:04 – The Disco Nova
You’d have to be a planetside forum troller to understand the reference. Rand0m = HAXXXX0000RRRRRRCAAAMMMPPPPZZZZZZ000RRRRRR
2004-01-15 14:38:35 – rand0m
It means barbecue. OMFGROFLMAOPMPWTFSTFUBBQ! Also, YAY for paychecks.
2004-01-15 16:00:37 – Manny
Randal, e-mail me your phone number, my fucking visor just dumped on me. Die handspring!
2004-01-15 16:57:26 – The Disco Nova
2004-01-15 19:25:13 – Master Ha-reed
Someone else here likes the Economist. Shit yeah. This same person also goes to Boulder and is taking a programming class. Weird. What class is it Manny? Randal, I hope you don’t actually believe what you’re saying about you going with the flow. That’s the most worthless argument I’ve ever heard for capitulating to what ever is popular on any given topic. Fuck what’s popular. Please, please retract what you said and I will not have to ask for your testicles in a jar. Paulie, hope things are at least somewhat safe over there. Also hoping Rummy gets you guys back home for some amount of time in the very near future. Will make sure kick the shit out of anyone who vents out their frustration over the war on our men and women overseas (which by the way, was the absolute worst thing about the fucking hippies during the Vietnam era).
2004-01-16 09:32:12 – Manny
The Economist is the wep of choice for anyone who wants to expand his knowledge of the world outside of the borders of the ol’ US of A. As for knowledge, Randal, by being so fluid with your opinions you really are not learning more, or enhancing your capacity to learn more. If you don’t beleive in anything, you can’t be prepared to be surprised when new some contrary fact comes into your realm of experience. So stick to yo’ guns, bro… if you’re wrong, you’ll know it.
2004-01-16 10:49:57 – paulie
Actually I’m on the safest base in Iraq. Of course, we’re in the middle of FUCKING NO WHERE…..!
2004-01-16 11:09:54 – Manny
YAY! for safety. middle_of_nowhere=this->sucks(ass)
2004-01-16 12:41:16 – Master Ha-reed
OK – using pointers in everyday language means you’re spending too much time in front of a computer screen. What class are you taking at CU?
2004-01-16 12:52:36 – Manny
Right. I’m taking an IDL programming class over at RSI, as evidenced by the object method call which could be applied to lot’s o’ things. fi: crzy_chcks tps.reports pay<findmin(standard_of_living), you know…
2004-01-16 13:30:55 – rand0m
Jared, are you sure you’re a compsci student? That is not a pointer, but an object->method() call. Also, "pay<findmin(standard_of_living)" is hilarious :-D. As for the whole opinion thing, I’m kidding. Sort of. I’ve decided that there is no point in even attempting to defend my oh-so-closed-minded, conservative, harsh, hate-filled opinions when they come under attack from someone who is equally bent on the left side of the spectrum. Hence, I may have an opinion, but if you ask me, I don’t.
2004-01-16 14:24:36 – Master Ha-reed
"this" is a pointer. I may be a shitty programmer, but I’m pretty sure that "this" refers to the object making the method call. That is what I was referring to. But to answer your question, I’m still not sure. Get back to me in a year.
2004-01-16 14:42:33 – Manny
Thank god I am a physicist by day, philosopher by night, and at no time a geek. (sorry guys). Actually, I think I geek out sometimes, but only in that first level of the house of death kind of way. Nothing like y’all bruce lee vs. karim abdul jabbar, "my kung fu is the best" kind of way. Yo Randal, I’ll probably drop by the store for a while before Chris’ going away. Also, I think I forgot some of my dirty clothes in matt’s room.
2004-01-16 15:20:03 – rand0m
the ‘this’ is a caller-object reference; AFAIK, pointers generally happen only when manipulating resources directly, such as disk/file or memory.
2004-01-16 15:42:51 – Master Ha-reed
Then I guess I was taught a somewhat looser definition of pointer, as in my understanding you can substitute "pointer" for "reference" in most cases.
2004-01-16 15:53:08 – realbighead
the use of "object->method()" (in C++, at least) was used to collapse a pointer… literal object references used "object.method()" instead of the "->". That’s decade-old knowledge, though, so things may be less specific nowadays.
2004-01-16 15:53:35 – WC
uhh you guys have it really fucked up an pointer is for refrencing memory to a virtual variable. IE you can have two variable refrencing the same data. This happens a lot in C PHP as randal put it is correct, however (Randal you can correct me on this) i don’t think a ‘this’ occurs in php since php isn’t OOP (yet). and middle_of_nowhere=this->sucks(ass) would throw an invalide varible/memory error. You can’t refrence this w/o an object refrencing it. IE you’d have to say object.this or object(this) to use ‘this’ correctly. so the correct way would be middle_of_nowhere(this)->sucks(ass) 😉
2004-01-16 16:03:48 – Manny
1) This shit works in IDL 2) Mercy… please…
2004-01-16 16:06:45 – rand0m
Reference is not a pointer, they are distinctly different with different purposes. A reference is used exactly as I said – to assign to variables to the same data. A pointer is used to address a device resource index, such as a particular memory bit or to a file handle. You use pointers to do things like bitshifting, memory stuffing/padding, direct memory management, binary file manipulation. You use references to manipulate in-program data directly, instead of manipulating a copy … normal variable passing=softlink, reference=hardlink. jesus christ I’m a dork.
2004-01-16 17:40:15 – The Disco Nova
You all lose.
2004-01-16 23:24:57 – WC
Happy 420 post 🙂 ok i’m kinda drunk cuz i keep on hitting the backspace key and this took me like 30 secs post rofllmaololwtfbbq hehehe
2004-01-17 15:33:55 – Unknown
So a theoretical answer to your theoretical question. Maybe SHE just wanted to have some fun and she did. And wants nothing other then friendship with a few benefits. Or no benefits, whatever : )
2004-01-17 15:59:33 – rand0m
w3rd to friends with benefits. Too bad that is nearly impossible, what with girls being emotional creatures — girls may say they’re "just friends with benefits" but give it another 20 minutes and next thing they’re looking for marriage. *mmm, friends w/ bennies*
2004-01-17 22:56:03 – paulie
Is that really such a bad thing?????
2004-01-18 10:50:04 – realbighead
marriage? at 21? yes, that is really such a bad thing.
2004-01-18 15:49:50 – Unknown
If you both agree to be friends with benifits, and one person starts to have feelings, be it good or bad, then you just stop. Be honest. End of story.
2004-01-19 11:08:16 – paulie
Hey man! Still up for Vegas when I get home? We are told our block leave is from 14 Apr-15 May or some such. Could you or Matt start looking for package deals for somewhere around that time? I’d say shoot for April….. Get back to me.
2004-01-19 18:43:01 – Netheus
started back to class today. Biology… ick.. Saw Crystal Ybarra last night, it was her birthday, and she was alone and fighting with her bf. Shitty birthday. Other than that, a little fatlistic, but I think it suits her. It was good to see her. And anyone remember little gay Dustin? He’s in my film class.
2004-01-19 18:49:58 – keener2u
Paulie, awesome I will be in vegas already for work. Will look into extending my stay with vacation! 🙂
2004-01-20 11:08:49 – GangGa-StA
2004-01-20 11:38:13 – rand0m
2004-01-20 11:54:27 – wc
_ohh my_
2004-01-21 09:34:36 – BIG BROTHER
Oh my! look at the size of his entry! I feel small.
2004-01-21 10:50:20 – WhIcH i haD OnE
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