Xmas, NYE, Kelly/James, Clothes, Sammi

Okay, so this is the Inaugral post of 2004, so it’s going to be a doozy. Ha! Had you thinking that it would be worthwhile there for a second, didn’t I? Ahh, yes, now proceed onto the comments like a good reader. So … I totally missed XMas in the last post. I got a lot of clothes from my sister, and some really nice pillows from the folks, as well as some more hand-made socks from my Oma. mmm, socks. I also got some of the candy orange slice thingies that I like so much. Yay for traditions! So, New Years Eve. We had a [L=http://cos.everlan.com]lockin at the store[/L] which was superfull, and a ton of fun. We had a BringYerOwnComputer this time, which went really well. After that I sped like hell over to James’ place, where I walked in just in time for the countdown. Grabbed some champaigne, counted down, drank it, and then proceeded onto a Long-island Iced Tea and got LIT (get it? LOL) … then the best goddamn martini ever – sour apple. It was scrumptious. I fell in love with Kelly, which I’ll get to in a second, got drunk, then slept it off until 4am, when I went back to the store and worked till about 9:30. Then blessed sleep. Kelly. I met her at James’ NYE party, and she is apparently a friend of Emily’s. This is an issue, as Emily loathes me. (defaming statements about her here) She also necked with James, which he was very proud to point out, despite his total devotion to Emily. Which is an Issue. James is MovingIn RealSoonNow, and with him, he is bringing his passion for Emily, and with that, Emily herself. I do not know how that will go. All I know is that my chances with this Kelly are doomed, as Emily will undoubtedly put in a less-than-positive word for me. She didn’t even say “Hi” at the party. Sheesh, some people. However, Kelly did say Hi, and that was nice. As she is smart and hot. Oh, James is moving in. Cya Tony. Cheap Bastard. Keen is keeping this fucking reduckalous picture journal of his life at [L=http://keener2u.textamerica.com]keener2u.textamerica.com[/L]. It’s hawt. I am thinking I’ll get a camera phone and do the same, as it is freakin awesome. I went to the Laund-Ro-Mat today to do some laundry, as our washer is still broken. Did I mention that earlier? (I can’t find it in the archives – it’s a good story, involving me giving a girl a ride home at 3am). But yes, it is broken. So yes, the laundromat. The laundromat is a very interesting place, especially at night. This was during the day though, and it took exactly one hour and 24 minutes to wash and dry three large loads of laundry for less than $5. This is the way to do laundry. I also read a lot in my book, which was good. I had lunch with SuperSammi on Friday, and it was everything I thought it would be. She is so mind-alteringly amazing. The food at the Ritz was good, as was my martini (sour apple, of course!), but the conversation was stunning. She’s really great. *hugs to sammi* [b]Update[/b] – I totally forgot to mention that Keen left for a while, but came back, then left again. In the meantime, I got to drive his car, which is nice. I think I’ll buy a car sometime. Whilst shuttling Keen to and from DIA, I met up with Craig and his g/f Rachael, had some Chipotle (best burritos, evar!). On the second trip, we all went to Old C’s and had a good time. Additionally, I watched James’ ferret over the holidays, and oddly, the ferret is not so bad. w0ot for friends!

2004-01-03 19:03:53 – WC
ohh i see how it is. nothing 🙁 about the trip to denver. 😉
2004-01-03 19:07:09 – rand0m
OooOoh, it’s on there now, oOooh, pwnage!
2004-01-03 19:08:59 – WC
hehe woo0t! for chipotle
2004-01-03 22:37:59 – The Disco Nova
Lol. I didn’t say that we were necking, I said that she stuck her tongue in my mouth when we were playing that game. Maybe she was simply getting into the game 🙂 I should mention for those who weren’t at the party that the game called for her to kiss me . It’s a moot point, since I spent all night talking to her, and didn’t even think to ask for her number. She is still totally available 🙂
2004-01-04 12:06:47 – WC
[L=http://www.rockstargames.com/upload/swf/winners/multimedia/drewcope.swf]Drum Machine[/L]
2004-01-05 10:45:33 – Manny
I always miss your guy’s kick ass parties. Dammit. Watched HBO through the new year. Yes, sorry, I know. Will be in town next sunday though to crash on matts bed. I will be lit, btw.
2004-01-06 16:24:27 – Netheus
my sister is selling her ferret. Its an albino female. She’s cute.
2004-01-10 11:42:42 – Matthew M. Kohutek.
Dear Randy, I don"t Know if you are the right person that I am sending this to but if you are this is your big brother in the deep south. How the hell are you doing? A brief update on the last ten years… I got married, got divorced, got screwed over, got it back on track(Thanks to mom.) Went to school, became a cop, pissed off mom and dad, left. Started over got married again, started a company, failed, started again and succeded. Paid off me and Tam’s first limo for the new company last October. November came and our contracter supplier went belly up/bit the economic bone. (I hate cheep ass contractors.) Asked momndad for help, laughed in my face and pulled their sanctimonius crap again. They ended up causing my new company to fold and cost me 60,000$. (Thanks mom.) Thank god the equipment was paid for. Had to find work. Became a cop again, got pinned again three days ago. (Look out villans!) Hopfully Tam and I can save up enough mulla to start up by our selves again in a few months. So depressing when you throw away five years of work because of some other jack ass can’t pull their heads out. Jeeeezzzzz!! Found out there is another Kohutek transportation company in Kenner Loisiana. They spell their name Kohoutek. Hmm, food for thought. They run hundreds of those big busses across the south. Sure wish I could have teamed up with them before folding. (Thanks mom. Gonna make it a real effort to talk to you again, like when my son is thirty!) Sorry don’t mean to sound so negative, it’s only money. Lots and lots of money. Any who, hows Robert doing? Saw Marla where she came down here with Oma. Geeesh! Did she change. Sorry to hear that grand pa and grand ma passed away. I feel sorry for dad. I Know that had to be hard on him. Is he still smoking? Tell him I’m sorry if you get a chance. It’s good to talk to you Randle Ray, I’ll monitore this site a few times to see if you respond. C’Ya Matt K.
2004-01-10 15:48:41 – keener2u
Yeah good to see things are being posted and things are still alive over there. I am in New York City staying with a few buds of mine. BTW it’s really freaking cold here and I am staying in Queens and taking the metro into Manhattan. Hope the house has not turned inside out and exploded yet:) Good to see you are still alive:) see ya next sat!
2004-01-11 14:36:33 – The Disco Nova
I cleaned the bathroom. It was so good, Randall was speechless. If it ever gets that bad again, I will make you both clean it up at gunpoint with your tongues 🙂
2004-01-11 19:23:46 – rand0m
Matt, Yep, this is the place, home of the one and only randal kohutek. And yes, James is the most awesome cleaner ever. Thanks James. Yay for clean. Yay for new roommate. Boo for boring!
2004-01-12 12:53:02 – Netheus
that was a pretty quick and depressing 10 year update. geez.
2004-01-12 13:56:32 – rand0m
No shit. I’ve learned that if I can’t think of something to say, I shouldn’t say anything. Hence the breif response 😉
2004-01-12 14:21:15 – Matt K.
Yo’ Rando! Whats up? Tam and I just got back from the french quarter in New Orleans. Man it’s wild just for a sunday! We can’t wait to go to Mardi Gras this year. Let the drinking begin! Last year we so blasted that we ended up loosing one of the limos and ended up taking a cab back to the Lions for three days till the crowds left. That was the same day that Vinette (Neighbor) got hit in the head with a flying coconut. Oh well back at the house to nurse our aching heads. and Netheus, shut up. Some times life sucks and every body at some time gets to take a big ol’ bite of it. I’ll hand you the mustard when your time comes around. Matt K. Ps. where are you at rand0m?
2004-01-12 16:34:49 – keener2u
Matt K. that’s a good name 😉
2004-01-12 18:00:52 – The Disco Nova
Far too many Matt K.’s, we should off a few of them.
2004-01-13 12:45:14 – WC
/me cleans and loads the mp5. Its open seasion on Matt K.’s in a few days.
2004-01-13 12:48:08 – rand0m
I’m still in Colorado Springs, except I live downtown. I should put up a photo-gallery-linkamajig.
2004-01-13 23:13:50 – Netheus
well Matt, in the last year, my mom has been in and out of jail for theft and drugs, my step-dad had a heart attack on New Years and has decided that this is a sign from above to drink more, 2 of my cousins have been in rehab, my grandma died, my step-uncle died, my little sister’s best friend who I used to baby sit hung herslf from a tree (at the ripe age of 13), my brother is in a foster home, my dad has gone from thinking that I am a crack whore to resolved pride in me going to college, back to thinking I am satan spawn, my step-mom keeps on filing for divorce only to stop at the last minute, and my brother’s father burnt my mom’s apartment down while she was in jail. My dad called all of my reletives and told them that I was married to a satan worshipper, and I didn’t get any financial aid for school, effectively forcing me to ask my mother-in-law for even more money, and my step-sister is trying to convince my sister (who is 14) that having a kid while you are in high school is a great idea. All I’m sayin’ is, you should talk to your little brother a bit more often than once a decade.
2004-01-14 11:20:22 – rand0m
yay for laundry!
2004-01-14 12:02:18 – Manny
Yo randal, chris wee is having his going away in the springs on friday, so can I crash on matt’s bed that night before going to the airport? Cool bro
2004-01-14 14:05:20 – rand0m
If matt’s not in it, absolutely … I think he gets back on Saturday, but I am unsure.
2004-01-14 17:58:40 – keener2u
won’t be back till Sat at 6 or 7pm *sighs* I wish I could be at Chris’ party. Say hi to him!
2004-01-15 10:39:58 – Manny
I’ll probably pass you in the airport. You are taking united back, right?
2004-01-15 13:02:37 – Matt K
Dear Netheus; Well sounds like you already got handed your mustard. Sorry to hear this though, somtimes people get so wrapped up in things that are happening to them that they have a hard time listening to other peoples plite. I apologise if I sounded sharp. After your list I would be lucky if I was still sain. If you ever need to talk I guess this is as good a place as any to vent. WC do you have a permit for that Mp5? I’m sure the A.T.F. would like to know. So Rand0m, netheus is right. I wished that I had kept up with you more as you were growing up, but I thought you were still at home. I didn’t think that mom and dad would be to receptive. There are still reasons that we don’t talk still that I can’t go into with you. I’m sorry that you had to loose a brother over it. We could have had some good times, instead I end up finding your website by accident. I’m glad I did though it’s kind of wierd having a brother thats almost a stranger. So whats been happening to you? when did you fly the coop and shuck off the yoke? Do you like being on your own? Are you in school? Got a girl? Hows life treating you? Request more info! The old guy: Matt K.
2004-02-11 15:18:44 – Hellbent Rob
Boy does this ever sound like a sappy reunion of sorts. I’m stunned that Matt would even give a shit about his little brothers, much less try to mend some bridges. Rand0m, give your bro, Rob a call any time on 2/13/04. Hey all Randy’s friends, give him hell until he does too.
2004-02-11 15:29:22 – Robert Kohutek
Oh, by the way, when you come from a holy-roller, more pious than thou family, sometimes it takes a decade to clear your head enough to even want to talk to the other victims/inmates.