OKay, anothe rdurnken update

Goddam I do a lot of these runkden updates. I should stop. LOL. OKay, so I’m tottally trashed, but that’s opkay, because manny is CHESTER TEH HSICLD MOLESTER LOL cuz he’s hitting an 18 y/o and h’es 27. meh. that’s i feunny. Also, matt owes me a pitcher of beer, cuz he thought Tony would be home, but he’s not, so free ptitcher becasue of a bet for me! w0ot! On another note, Anna @ SAM’S, the world’s smallest bar, has humongous breasts — more worthy of acclaim than Sammi’s …. although Sammi is better overall. w0ot again1 Other than that, I have to say that Tony’s hires on the shittest bands evear. Goddamn they suck. In fact, we left Tony’s to go to 15C …. where we consumed sick amounts of staright liquor (in the form of martinisi) … the sour apple martini = scrumptious. Wow, i spelled that right. Also, Matt’s UberGEEK shirt got me the hookup with these two hotties. which was good. But the bitch with the scar tattoo spinal fusion thing … fuck her, what a huge B. Giving me the figner after I durnkenely asked her what the scar was from. her friend was cool, but she was a B, or so Keen tells me. F taht. I think I’ll talk to janelle tomorrow, as mentinoed tomorrw, err yestserday. DON’T YOU WISH YOU ERWER 21!? WOO BOOEZ UPDATE OKAy it’s liek 3;a00ma or so, and I have totoallly powned matt at both Soul Clibur and MOrtlak Comabat 2. Dealdy alliacne. MK is normally his game, but noOoO, lost at that. Soul calibure went wel for me — 5 to 1 …. good times. powned. W0ot. I feel like I have not give the lats post enough credit for its’ … ummm. not drunkenns. so please go comment there, insetad of on this wildly incoherendt post. Thanks foryou time, RNADLA> UPDATE #@ Okay, so we went over to 7-11 on a lark, and foundo ut athat Canaan, a 7-11 employee, also dleivers pizza, dnd has done so for over a year. He has never been ofered pot iin exchange for his pizza. Evar. That is whack. I think that pot + pizza should be a new currency. ALso, I bought a GOATORAGDE, in hipes that the ELCTOTRLYTES will make me not hungover. Oh, and some chedar and sour cream chips. I like thise. mmmm, chips. That is all.

2003-08-03 13:35:28 – tony
Well fucking woop-de-doo, randal is the master of the outrageously hilarious drunken updates and shoule… fuck it, i respect randal’s drunken updates too much to even comment on them… i’ll be like tyler hamilton shaking lance armstrongs hand and just bow while lance walks off im up in denver, spent the night on the town in lodo, definitely coming to check that place out more… it reminded me a lot of mardi gras, especially with the people pissing on street corners in public… definitely not my scene though, on account of no mountain biking i upgraded from beginner class to sport class over the weekend and i got 3rd place at Steamboat Springs in the downhill and beat the series leader… fuck yeah!
2003-08-04 00:07:19 – pinky
i like goatarade. baaa.
2003-08-04 12:20:37 – wVC
2003-08-07 15:51:06 – Steve