meh, no idea what to type. Haircut, goatee?

It’s 1:10am on a Saturday morning, and I spent my Friday night on the couch asleep because of the terrible mediocrity of my day. I don’t even know why, but I always feel wore out — and my days are generally pretty activity-less. I work, I walk around downtown, I come home, putz around for a couple hours, then sleep. Maybe it is the lack of activity. Or my diet. I got a haircut Wednesday night. It looks pretty good. At the advice of a girl who knows what she is talking about I am going to wait a few days to let this here haircut grow out a little before I go to the DMV to get my flashy new drivers license. Until then, I will continue to get stares and odd looks from the one in four doormen who actually card me. *realizes that I would have never gotten carded before …. sigh* I have been sporting a goatee for a while now. I keep it pretty trimmed, and I think it looks pretty good. I took Mike’s advice and made it less wide at the chin; that was a mistake, because now my face looks a little out of proportion I think I’ll let this grow out for a few days (just like the haircut) and see where it takes me — I’ll post a pic of me sometime soon. I think I’ll shave it off before the drivers license photo, though. I got interviewed by the Independent today. I was on my way to work, and this young lady comes up to me and asks me if I read the Indy. I’m like “well, of course, every twenty-something should.” She then proceeded to ask me a set of 5 questions about the indy — how long I’ve been reading, what I like about it, what I dislike about it, my favorite feature and my all time favorite article. I answered with “wow, 6 or 7 years now”, “the fact that it’s exactly not the Gazette”, “the fact that it sometimes does some serious liberal agenda pushing”, “the Reader’s Opinions section”, and “I have absolutely no idea — too many good ones to keep track of.” Those are the short versions of the long-winded, intellectually high-minded answers I gave her. She took my picture, though, haircut and goatee unprepared. I’ll have to keep my eye out for myself in the next Indy. I just had a moral dilemma about writing “young lady” or “young black lady” at the beginning of that last paragraph. It does not matter if she is a black, white, brown or yellow, so I decided to write “young lady” instead of defining her. I am sure that almost all of you thought of a white person when you read that, if you thought of a person at all. This strikes me as odd: am I a bigot if I were to have put in the single word “black”, am I witholding the truth if I leave it ambiguous? That is a tough call. I almost feel like I am censoring myself here, which is a crime. With that, I would like to say that, based on slurs alone, I love and hate all kikes, nips, dykes, niggers, chinks, fags, slopeheads, japs, spics, towelheads, wops, canucks, honkies, fobs, flips, and gooks equally. *I would like to note that it is sad that I knew all of those off the top of my head. Heh. [b]Update[/b]- 9:30am 08/02 – I had the oddest dream last night. For some reason, I was at Rum Bay, and of all people, I saw Janelle. This makes no sense because she is not 21. Regardless, we chatted for a long time. Even in dream-time it was a good 45 minutes, which means at least 6 hours in real time. Then, we finished chatting, and it was over, just *poof*. It was all very well and good, and immensely satisfying, which is the odd part. I think I might look her up and actually talk to her before she heads back to Chicago. [b]Update #2[/b]- 10:30am 08/02 – Somebody had asked about the store in the previous post, so I thought I’d answer some questions. First off, we’re still getting there, there is motion. The internal build out is all done — walls are painted, things are hung up, network is mostly ready to go. We are at the big-spending phase, where we buy all the PCs, desks, and other expensive goodies. There is hesitation here because it’s a lot of fucking money — everybody believes in the business plan and the store and that it will work, but the risk is still there. We are no longer aiming for August 8th; it is unattainable. Instead, we are aiming for Aug 29, which is right before Palmer HS starts school (I think). Feel free to check out the store – 324 N. Nevada.

2003-08-02 07:23:49 – Netheus
Actually Randal- consider the demographic layout. There is a disproportionately hight number of white white people in the Springs. Now, if you said you were in New Orleans, I would have assumed she was black. If you were in CA, I would have assumed she was hispanic, and if you were in China, I would have thought she was Chinese. Most people assume gender based on the majority of the population in the area concerned. Its one of those things where PC people can shove it up their ass. *Waits to see what Laura sez*
2003-08-02 11:02:02 – Siaokh
*shrug* you never know what those liberals are gonna do when you suggest shoving something up their anus… Anyways, sounds good about the store randal… Everything seems to be coming together quite nicely. I wish i could help out, or even see it. but that doesnt appear to be in the cards right now. Is there a store website up and about yet? -Tim *Punch*
2003-08-02 18:13:29 – Netheus
D-11 starts 8-19.
2003-08-02 21:10:03 – rand0m
Oh shit, really?
2003-08-03 06:33:58 – Netheus
As far as I know, yes, and I also have jury duty that day 🙂
2003-08-03 14:37:37 – Master Ha-reed
Did she have frizzy hair? Kind of like Roseanne Roseannadana if you’ve ever seen classic SNL? She fits the profile of a former PHS student.