July 4th Hoo-haa

We’re having a Fourth of July 2k2 get together here at theattic, [L=http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&address=423+N.+Weber+St&city=colorado+Springs&state=co&zipcode=80903&homesubmit.x=52&homesubmit.y=11]423 N. Weber[/L] and [i]everyone[/i] is invited. We’re providing all kinds of buns and some alcohol, the location, and not one but two, two grills. Bring meat, chips, soda, side dishes, whatever. Oh, and your liquor. Lookin to kick things off right around 6pm. If you have any questions or whatever post them here. Thanks!

2002-07-03 01:13:35 – realbighead
"So basically, you’re going to take the best-looking girl who’ll have you, even if she’s completely horrible?" "Er — yeah, that sounds about right." Ha. Proof that Harry Potter is the greatest literary achievement of our time.
2002-07-03 01:14:04 – realbighead
btw, does it still count as first post if it’s wildly off-topic?
2002-07-03 01:16:33 – Disco X
I’ll bring a couple of packages of hamburders. And some liquor of course.
2002-07-03 01:20:36 – Disco X
Disco > Tore
2002-07-03 01:35:14 – rand0m
That’s a rather chauvenistic, insensitive way to view women as a prize to be had. Ass. And don’t say you don’t go along, or else you wouldn’t have put it in saying that it’s the best thing ever. blah.
2002-07-03 01:43:52 – realbighead
the context makes it humorous; you’d have to be some evil close-minded conservative Man to think that finding a text humorous means that you agree with what’s being said. Numerous examples of Crackhead Mike’s jokes spring to mind, in addition to stillborns and cream filling, not to mention 12-year-old catholic schoolgirl whores. but you wouldn’t comprehend it, you evil close-minded conservative Man you. I’m gonna go smoke pot and have Free Love in a pile of mud.
2002-07-03 01:47:48 – rand0m
2002-07-03 01:48:23 – Disco X
For some reason I keep seeing the image of two drama club geeks engaged in a slap fight from 11th grade.
2002-07-03 01:48:40 – realbighead
evil close-minded conservative Man
2002-07-03 01:50:39 – Netheus
god damned dirty hippie!! Going to the "company" (read 9 people) pic-nic that day too…. go there, get good gourmet food… go to this BBQ, get smashed… oh and yes— no open flames and the what not means that the BBQ’s have to be gas, not charcoal (in the traditional "I think it needs more lighter fluid" kind of a way).
2002-07-03 01:56:35 – rand0m
reprehensible, spineless, waffling, balls-in-your-pocket schmuck. And yes, our grills are both gas grills.
2002-07-03 12:08:26 – realbighead
I can’t help it that my balls are so big they reach my pockets. and all this from a self-admitted human carpet? you evil close-minded conservative Man you.
2002-07-03 12:25:51 – rand0m
It’s been a long time since I was a floormat. Anybody up to anything cool / cheap tonight?
2002-07-03 12:34:53 – realbighead
bollocks. and yes, swimming in a pile of $100 bills. I decided to go with just an 8’x8′ hot tub instead of the olympic swimming pool; wouldn’t want to be ostentatious. It’s a "BYO$100B" party, so everyone remember to drain your bank accounts first.
2002-07-03 13:51:03 – Disco X
I’m going skating tonight with Elaine. It’s cheap and it’s cool.
2002-07-03 17:11:54 – pinky
cheap and cool=24 pack od keystone ice…ok, no. harry potter>ayn rand my $.02… oh, and party? cool. i’m going to one at 3 as well.
2002-07-03 23:45:54 – Wipeout
Did I miss a post because I’m not seeing how harry potter comes into play at all here? BTW If your going to pay the money for keystone, you might as well by some decent beer.
2002-07-04 01:21:10 – Burnz
you’re* buy*
2002-07-04 07:39:22 – Wipeout
Thank you, although I do realize the need for proper spelling I think that you got the idea without it seeing as it was an oversight of my own.
2002-07-04 07:56:53 – Girlie
mm, 4th of july… barbeque, perhaps i would show up if i felt the insane need to get my ass kicked 🙂
2002-07-04 10:00:01 – realbighead
just make sure whatshisname dies first and we’ll all get along just fine. damn, did I just say that? bad tore
2002-07-04 13:35:58 – Disco X
Don’t worry Girlie. I’m not a violent person.
2002-07-04 14:14:37 – Netheus
yeah… so fark just told me via MSNBC that a plane crashed into a 4th of July BBQ in CA…… I think the world is finally being flushed down the crapper….
2002-07-04 15:17:03 – rand0m
Smallfry, I’d love you to come 🙂 And in speaking to Disco last night, I suspect things are cool, so don’t worry about the asskicking; besides, there are lots of nice guys here 😉 … If anyone reads this prior to the party, meat, alcohol, fruity stuff and sodas are needed.
2002-07-04 15:20:34 – Disco X
I officially name Tore the as the person in charge of the "fruity stuff"
2002-07-04 15:58:17 – Disco X
Don’t worry Neth, it was mechanical trouble.
2002-07-04 21:34:07 – whatshisname
whatshisname says fuck you!!!
2002-07-05 03:32:34 – Disco X
Learned two things: a. I like Bunrz, that boy can drink 🙂 b. I still dislike Girlie. She blew me off when I tried to apologize and explain my actions.
2002-07-05 07:32:57 – Girlie
I kept trying to tell you it was ok… you wouldnt listen that i accepted your apology and everything was good. Anyway… no need to rehash. I met you, you weren’t so bad, its all good.
2002-07-05 10:07:39 – Disco X
for the record, I’m usually not that irritating. And while we are on the subject, I feel like someone worked me over last night, I trust I wasn’t too much of an asshole whilst I was drunk?
2002-07-05 10:08:54 – Disco X
I find myself apologizing to you way too much girlie. This time, I will pretend you are apologizing and accept your apology.
2002-07-05 10:14:08 – pinky
hey randal, the party rocked the hizzouse…thanks 🙂 wooo!
2002-07-05 13:23:26 – rand0m
Before Disco and Smallfry continue their little charade — Thanks to everybody who came — people make the party 🙂
2002-07-06 00:12:13 – Disco X
I feel the urge too bitch about something yall prolly have no idea about. Went to the Camarilla game tonight, once again, as in the third time this year, I have been voted Tremere Primogen of C Springs. I hate that job.
2002-07-06 10:39:14 – Netheus
yeah, so you were a huge ass that night. congrats on scarring off the god squad though… and why the fuck would anyone give you a title? sides, most satanists are anti-tribue anyway… or shadow skippers…
2002-07-06 12:18:49 – Disco X
I’m always a huge ass, but that night I was worried about my parents, who live in Seguin, Texas. People would give me a title, because A. I’m the second most powerful Tremere, and the most powerful one told me to take it. And B. I’m a psychological Satanist, not a traditional one 🙂
2002-07-06 14:29:10 – Disco X
Check your messages damnit!
2002-07-08 17:37:19 – Disco X
I would like everyone to know, that as a result of a loss in a card game, I have ritualistically shorn my scrotum. It’s breathtaking.
2002-07-08 19:32:27 – Siaokh
Too much information Avon m’boy…. On a side note, Lilo and Stitch is a decent disney movie, although in the animation industry, they seem to be stuck at beauty and the beast / lion king grade of work, while other smaller companies are making movies that look better… Not that i’ve seen any of them… just the quality of animation seems better. Also, Men in Black 2 is sequel tastic… In both good and bad ways, they brought back all the funny things characters, but it’s lacking in the uniqueness that the first one had that "Aliens live among us". Punch. -Tim
2002-07-09 17:42:06 – Disco X
MIIB got way too serious. And Laura Flynn Boyle’s character was too superficial to get any indentify with in anyway.
2002-07-09 17:42:44 – Disco X
Sigh, pressed sumbit before I was done editing.
2002-07-10 15:49:26 – rand0m
somebody want to write something here?
2002-07-10 20:40:18 – Master Ha-reed
Yeah, I’ll write something: Randal, post something new
2002-07-10 21:23:14 – Disco X
Randall at gateway Tech Support http://homepage.mac.com/deadtroll2/.Movies/helldeskcable.wmv
2002-07-12 02:02:39 – tony
Have you ever heard that quick guitar sound like a song is just about to start up. That’s what it looks like when I describe what I’ve been doing lately to some passerby. For example, I crash hard up on palmer park and land square on my hip fucking my world up. Anyway, describing this event to someone who hasn’t been enjoying the summer is followed by "wow","woah","are you okay". I ask what they’ve been doing this summer and it’s "the usual". What sucks is I’ve had to wait until this weekend to start biking again. What sucks harder is I don’t know if everybody else is enjoying a Colorado summer, you know, hiking, mountain biking, camping, canoeing, rafting, etc… Anybody been doing any of that?
2002-07-12 02:17:55 – Disco X
I’ve been skating and beating on grown men with foam swords. I take it you have no lasting injuries from your accident though?
2002-07-12 10:19:56 – Netheus
I am going fishing either this weekand or next, or maybe the after that, or all of them…. not sure, and the ren fair next weekand. I am also helping two people move in and out of places, working, and planning on trips to Cripple Creek and Denver.
2002-07-12 10:22:05 – Netheus
I was thinkin….. how bout and old fashioned VA flame war? see how many posts Randal’s page can take for she blows… Suggestions: Religion Politics Music Drugs …. who wants to start?
2002-07-12 11:56:22 – Disco X
I think the most I’ve seen is 110-something.
2002-07-12 13:37:44 – rand0m
Actually, the most comments on a post is 79 on [L=http://rand0m.org/viewcomments.php?NewsID=303]Post 303[/L]. Other tidbits: 304 Posts total 66,618 words in posts 801 words in longest post ([L=http://rand0m.org/viewcomments.php?NewsID=276]276[/L]) 2499 Comments Total ~8.2 comments per post ~163 MS Word pages of comments ~118,621 words in comments 1,577 words in longest comment ([L=http://rand0m.org/viewcomments.php?NewsID=179#1010]Post 179, Comment 1010)[/L]
2002-07-12 14:01:03 – Disco X
So Randall, how many posts can your setup take? And looking at the post with the largest number of comments, I realize that I am a Drama Queen, and apologize.
2002-07-12 16:14:17 – rand0m
I’ve never actually stress tested it, but I’m sure it could handle a couple thousand comments per post. It might take a while for the end user to download it, but the code & the database transactions are pretty streamlined. I’ll run a test locally at let ya’ll know 😉
2002-07-12 16:52:36 – rand0m
It takes a while to parse, but considering that it’s 2500 posts and does shitloads of stripping, filtering, and string replacements, it’s pretty quick. It takes about 20 seconds to do it here over the LAN at work. Your times may vary. Take a gander: [L=http://rand0m.org/viewallcomments.php]http://rand0m.org/viewallcomments.php[/L]
2002-07-12 17:33:37 – Disco X
I laughed my ass off for about 20 minutes scrolling through that, thanx Randall, you have truly brightened my otherwise dreary day. Ever notice how we all used to be alot more cerebral? Oh well. Hey Randall, if you aren’t doing anything tonight, my buddy Frank is partying at his house tonight. Frank is the tall one that was wondering why I was being such an asshole at your 4 July party. He lives like 2 blocks from you.
2002-07-12 17:43:29 – Disco X
LMAO Kill Eat Skronk I love that!
2002-07-12 17:44:29 – Disco X
And while I’m spamming gratuitously (sp?) after I hit "submit" all I’m getting is a black screen. No thank you, no nothing.
2002-07-12 18:12:44 – rand0m
Then you’re obviously doing something wrong 😉 If you get an all black screen, just hit CTRL+A to show all the text — there’s usually an error message in there. Cut ‘n paste it to me and I’ll see if I can prevent it from happening again.
2002-07-12 18:14:42 – test
2002-07-12 18:54:34 – rand0m
Reign of Fire tonight, 10:25pm, southside Tinseltown — meet at the theatre ~ 10:15 if interested. [L=http://us.imdb.com/Title?0253556]IMDb Info[/L]
2002-07-13 00:22:50 – Disco X
YOU BASTAGE Sorry 🙂 You must of posted that right after I left, I really wanna go see that movie, but noone else wanted to go tonight 🙂
2002-07-13 03:18:49 – Disco X
I just watched Blackhawk Down tonight, absolutely incredible. The realism and emotion left me absolutely speechless. By the end of the movie I was soaked in sweat and my jaw was sore from clenching. Several parts had tears in my eyes. It had only one flaw, which was unavoidable. It evoked a rage toward the somalians that was indescribable. Probably one of the best movies I have ever seen.
2002-07-14 03:21:39 – Burnz
If you enjoy those gritty, true to life dramas then may I suggest a movie that left me in a state much as you described. Do yourself a favor and rent "Legally Blonde" tonight. You’ll never have your heart or your humanity so challenged or so changed as after you absorb, or rather experience the multi-faceted genius. As soon as the technology is available Reese Witherspoon’s name should be written in the stars.
2002-07-14 15:47:52 – Disco X
I know you’re joking, but could you just say you are please?
2002-07-15 13:17:24 – Burnz
Oh god yes, I haven’t even seen that horrid excuse for film. *shudder*
2002-07-15 16:08:31 – Disco X
Randal, you ever scan those pics you took at your party? I suddenly have the strange desire to have a digital pic of me that is recent.
2002-07-15 16:35:28 – rand0m
I have not, but I will get around to it sometime soon.
2002-07-15 22:54:19 – Disco X
Hey Randall, LAN party at your house this weekend? I’ve got two counterstrike capable machines to bring. You keep promising me 🙂
2002-07-15 23:31:24 – Siaokh
Counterstrike sucks now… it’s soooo 1998. WC3 is the king. -Tim (punch)
2002-07-15 23:35:52 – rand0m
I don’t play any FPS because my box is a POS. Starcrack … er … Starcraft is the leading favorite of the house right now. Besides, there are other things happening this weekend. 🙂