Coffee & Symian led fascist nation wha?

So housematt and are out returning some kegs, and we’re driving, and we see this little place called “Shuga’s” … so we’re wondering what the hell this place is, so we swing by. Turns out that it’s a little coffee shop that specializes in liquored-up caffiene. It’s hella good … stop by, it’s at 702 S. Cascade [cascade and rio grande]. w3rd.

Fancy Gadgets and X-Ray Machines – by Master Ha-Reed aAhh — there’s nothing like America — where the lowly workers who are supposed to be protecting us against evil terrorists are almost as dumb as our President. I say almost as dumb because I think that they might actually realize how stupid and pointless the current “increased security” actually is. I’m thinking this while watching my luggage go through an x-ray machine on the way home from vacation. I look around to notice all of the people who were automatically “flagged” to have their luggage searched. To my right is an elderly couple, the husband wearing a “God Bless America” hat, along with a single pregnant mother with a toddler at her side. Why are they here, you might ask?? Because they were rand0mly tagged by the computer, because God knows that maybe that rand0m search is going to stop one terrorist, then everyone knows it’s worth it, right? My memory might be getting a bit hazy, but I don’t recall any of the elderly, nor any pregnant women being involved in the September 11 attacks. Hell, I’m the most culpable person there, seeing as how I fall into the questionable “white nerdy teenager who may blow up his school and massacre a bunch of people” category. Do we really believe that any one of the people I mentioned is going to be hijacking airplanes anytime soon? Come on, Al fucking Gore was flagged to be searched while traveling recently. Yeah, Al was really pissed off about the Supreme Court having installed Dubya, so he decided to hijack an airplane to get back at the country. Boy, sure is a good thing we searched him. “But wait!”, cry the “Equal-Opportunity” pundits, “we can’t single out one group over another — that’s profiling, its against the law!!”. Unfortunately for those who like to use this argument, I seem to recall that every one of the September 11 hijackers was an Arab male from the Middle East. So riddle me this, Batman, who do you think is more likely to commit a terrorist act in the skies — an Arabic male from the Middle East or an elderly American, with a God Bless America hat on. This reminds me of that cartoon from The Onion’s Our Dumb Century:

I don’t mean to sound racist — all things being equal, I hate the concept of racial profiling (deliberately opening counter-claim that all things are never equal so I can listen to people bicker… heh heh heh). Everyone seems to be ranting and raving that this is a “war on terrorism”, so let’s start treating it like one. No, I’m not condoning blanket decisions against a group of people, especially American citizens. However, maybe we could start focusing our “heightened security” on hmmm.. let’s say…. Arabic male foreign nationals as opposed to your average American elderly couple. If you don’t like it, hey, don’t come to our country. The fact of life is that we are trying to prevent future attacks. We’re touting all of these “heightened security measures”, so maybe we should do something to make our security “heightened” in a productive way. And don’t even get me started on the government using the media to broadcast their plans against the forces of “terra”. Give me a fucking break.
2002-06-26 00:30:30 – Disco X
I want back the Minute and 37 seconds it took me to read and understand that, I feel cheated.
2002-06-26 02:07:13 – tony
Hey, why bitch about the fallacies in this document (Ex: random searches of passengers was already being done for internation travellers coming back from "hot spots" in the war on drugs, thus capturing "mules" carrying narcotics, even though they bring a baby back with them as camouflage). So anyway, without exploring the fallacies of this post, I say hoo ra, jarod took a stand and published a post, good for him. Btw, My billing rate for 1 minute and 30 seconds is 5$. You owe me bitch!
2002-06-26 02:19:42 – tony
btw, randal won’t change my comment’s obvious misspelling "internation" to internation because randal is fat and needs to dog on my poor grammer to blame something else for his unhappiness
2002-06-26 02:20:28 – rand0m
HAHAHAHA, that’s amazing use of the "al" combo … fag.
2002-06-26 02:20:31 – tony
fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you it’s international
2002-06-26 02:21:24 – rand0m
Third time is always a charm for lawn gnomes.
2002-06-26 02:22:02 – tony
hey, this lawn gnome is less overweight than you randal, fat bitch
2002-06-26 02:23:52 – rand0m
At least I’m not a raging alcoholic who drunkenly pisses on expensive, personally-important things. I’d rather be a fatty than lose bowel control. Whore.
2002-06-26 02:24:29 – tony
damn, big chances are that people will read this shit first before actually reading jared’s post.
2002-06-26 02:25:56 – keener2u
What I see is that this is turning into a muslim against everyone else war. Yes, right now the people that hijacked the planes were Arab. But remember John Walker the guy who fought with the taliban? These are the people that the Big Brother are watching out for now. Being muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist and being arab doesn’t make you a muslim.
2002-06-26 02:26:40 – rand0m
well obviously … people see "dubya" and things that are synonymous with "proletariat" and they get tired. At least there’s a pretty dame involved in the post, so that helps.
2002-06-26 02:27:00 – tony
rrrright, and we ALL remember all the white people engaged in them "religious jihads" !!!
2002-06-26 02:27:24 – rand0m
[I]Being muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist and being arab doesn’t make you a muslim.[/I] But does being a terrorist make you a Terrorist?
2002-06-26 02:28:13 – tony
god damn it i’m gonna have to defer to randal on that last comment, he does make a logical point
2002-06-26 02:28:30 – rand0m
My logic is infallible, beeyatch.
2002-06-26 02:29:30 – rand0m
Everybody knows that I only speak the truth. Especially when it involves three guys with laptops, a T-1 and an open forum with which to rag on each other.
2002-06-26 02:30:00 – keener2u
But does being a fatty make you a beeyatch?
2002-06-26 02:30:06 – tony
word is bond mofo, word is bond
2002-06-26 02:32:54 – keener2u
Remember one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Check out the war in israel. Palestine has to use terrorism to fight back against big israel who has american fighter planes. The definition of terrorist are like assholes everyone has one:)
2002-06-26 02:33:27 – keener2u
Bond? Like those hot chicks that play violin?
2002-06-26 02:34:50 – rand0m
I’ve heard that you can take out a small prop plane by putting the bow in the strings of a violin and shooting it, indian bow & arrow style. Just a thought.
2002-06-26 02:35:47 – tony
might i suggest listening to U2 – Bullet the blue sky… while reading the previous comments "I can see those fighter planes… slapping em down.. 1 hundred, 2 hundred…"
2002-06-26 02:36:09 – keener2u
next thing you know they will be searching people for violins and taking them away at the airport
2002-06-26 02:40:16 – rand0m
"Excuse me sir, that Cello is obviously on oversized version of the highly illegal item which we like to call a ‘violin’ … we’re going to have to ask you trade that for this handy boxcutter. Thanks."
2002-06-26 02:40:58 – Burnz
Fallacy* – that was driving me nuts. And it is wrong to think that all the time, energy, and money being wasted is going to stop many terrorists. And the point made previously was valid in that we have armed a lot of these terrorist groups…..including the taliban. Hey America, stop arming the enemy and then making the citizens suffer at the backlash of their movements.
2002-06-26 02:57:34 – rand0m
mmmm, Doc’s Hard Lemonade is pretty good. Only thing better is … well … a whole bunch of things, but this is good for now. I’ll take another helping of luvin, please.
2002-06-26 09:10:05 – Netheus
yeah, so Dubbya did it. And if he didn’t do it, then he didn’t want to stop it… the evidence is overwhelming, and I am sick of finding new stuff that backs it all up anyway. And not that you geeks need to worry about it, I wouldn’t suggest buying anything liberal or controversial with a credit card or check. your ass will get flagged, and when they bust down your door in the name of "war on terrorism" oddly reminiscent of the war on drugs/ communism, don’t be suprised. I hate the gov’t, but unfortuneatley, it’s the only one that has any semblance of working.
2002-06-26 10:02:00 – rand0m
That is such bullshit. Supreme rule by randal is guaranteed to work, as long as all the proletariat, bourgeoisie and elitist intelligentsia succumb to the compelling force of my hardened-steel will.
2002-06-26 11:16:40 – Master Ha-reed
"That government which governs best is that which governs least" – Thomas Jefferson In response to Netheus: The fact that "Big Brother" would be looking down on American citizens is the point. We are misguiding our increased "security". We seem to forget that it wasnt American citizens who attacked our country (yes, of course, there is the exception of John Walker). To Tony: Thanks for backing me up, but the rand0m searches of passengers coming back from hot spots is different than general searches. "Hot spots" implies that we’re not going to be searching mom & pop headed back on their family vacation from Ohio to Colorado. To Keener: Being Arab does not make you a Muslim, etc. etc., but being Arab from somewhere in the Middle East, given the recent occurences, seems to make you more likely to be severly pissed off at America. To Disco: I apologize for not having graduated from the school of pointless dribble. Next time I will make sure I am completely trashed before writing, and that way my writing will make no sense at all!
2002-06-26 13:01:57 – realbighead
I think he’s getting the hang of it.
2002-06-26 14:18:42 – Disco X
Holy Spam batman! Geez, I went to sleep and there was ONE comment on this thread, mine! And Ha-Reed, don’t worry, it’s an excellently written pointless waste of time 🙂
2002-06-26 14:51:42 – Netheus
yeah, so free thinking being called pointless by the government lakey himself, Dico-No, hmm….. maybe he is spying on the all of us!!!! AHHH!! kill the terrorist spy!!!
2002-06-26 15:01:58 – Disco X
Neth, you do realize I have been out of the Army for like 2 years now? I would of thought the piercings and Tatto would of been enough.
2002-06-26 19:05:42 – Girlie
do any of you people know how to spell?
2002-06-26 20:30:36 – Disco X
um I hate to tell you this miss……*cough* bitch *cough*…… Girlie is it? But most of the spelling errors are due to fatfingering, not actual ignorance.
2002-06-26 20:41:00 – Girlie
Mmm, I like being judged based solely on the one or two comments I’ve posted here. I don’t know most of you, and that’s ok with me. It was just a question based on the numberous spelling errors in posts. I never judged you, claimed that you were ignorant or anything of the sort. Although if I were to say, based on what I have seen you post here… that ignorance thing is debatable. Until you know me, you have no room to judge.
2002-06-26 20:56:08 – Disco X
Ahh, but instead of letting us know a little about yourself, you toss out an insult and expect us to react favorably to you? Sorry, I’m an asshole under the best of circumstances, much less when given a good reason.
2002-06-26 20:59:47 – Girlie
I never expected any response at all, let alone a favorable one. Did I come out and say "Damn, I am one great chick, you should all love me, now let me say something you wont like!" No. Keep in mind I also never said I wasn’t a bitch.
2002-06-26 20:59:56 – keener2u
The Jefferson comment is interesting it reminds of a big thinkers on tech tv talking about how copyright laws has created TJ’s living hell. This also reminds me of one other quote from Benjamin Franlklin " He who gives up their freedom for security finds that they have neither in the end" 🙂 *goes back to reading 1984*
2002-06-26 22:07:36 – Neth
yeah, so you judged us, you made a comment about our poor spelling abilities, and now you claim you are innocent. fuck you. numberously… you are up tight and over react…. yeah the spelling on this page is shit… most posts are done while enebrieated. Not to mention most posts are done from shity little laptops with shity little keyboards.
2002-06-26 22:09:14 – Neth
yeah, and spelling doesn’t matter, it’s the ideas, and as long as the grammar and spelling don’t fuck with that, then who the fuck cares? And if you agree with this point, then why the fuck did you even say anything in the first god damned place? christ.
2002-06-26 22:32:23 – Disco X
That’s "inebriated" Nethie baby
2002-06-27 00:04:31 – Netheus
fuck you. I know I can’t spell… doesn’t help when i am distracted…
2002-06-27 00:34:17 – Disco X
I was being fecetious. And yes, that is prolly spelled wrong but I spelled it phonetically
2002-06-27 01:43:48 – realbighead
I just take the high road and proclaim you all retards. I think that may entitle you to some free money from the government or something though, so cheer up, there’s always a bright side.
2002-06-27 02:19:27 – Burnz
Hey, my spelling is derived entirely from alcohol, I do not fat finger. Facetious* And you’ll come to like Girlie, in spite of the fact that her screenname isn’t hot. Just calm down my english mangling friends. And tore is still a virgin, so jsut (sp) ask him to shut the fcuk (sp) up.
2002-06-27 03:23:06 – Disco X
Burnz, I love you. Please don’t urinate on me though.
2002-06-27 04:46:38 – Burnz
As long as you don’t look like a bicycle, and I am not tony, then you can fear no urine from me. Now that is comedy. Bike pisser. No, really, you whizzed out a BMX. You are a joke even to me. And I threw up in your couch. So "Oh No" bitch and I will laugh all the way to the bank.
2002-06-27 08:38:41 – Girlie
social experiment #1, complete. considered successful. ha.
2002-06-27 18:14:22 – Disco X
I dislike people that say something stupid and insulting, and then when people get pissed at her, doesn’t apologize. Instead she’s blames it on a "Social experiment." What a cop out. That’s like a little kid throwing something at you and then "I was only kidding!"
2002-06-27 18:15:06 – Disco X
So Randall, having a party this weekend? I’ll print out a bullseye for the bike.
2002-06-27 20:49:36 – tony
"all i can say is that my life is pretty plain, i like watching the puddles gather rain" see, blind melon made me do it, you can read into the lyrics for yourself fyi burnz, it’s much easier to wash a mountain bike down with a waterhose than get a –still– stained fabric couch clean of your vomit, not that i’m mad atcha. honestly, the "oh noooo, vomit, oh noooo" memory is something i shall always treasure, vomit stain notwithstanding!
2002-06-27 22:46:08 – Netheus
Yeah… Troy got the new Prodigy record today. It fucking rocks. They’ve spent the last 5 years doing their own thing. Now they have another great album. It makes me *cum*
2002-06-28 00:49:17 – Siaokh
MMMmmmmm vinyl… the warm popping sound of static flows through the room. This is getting way too long with comments. Texas is quite toasty. Punch. -Tim
2002-06-28 08:06:35 – Girlie
remind me to throw something at you if i ever meet you.
2002-06-28 23:22:26 – tony
Well, we just had poker night at the house, me, randal (guys call him darryl, don’t ask me), rob, dan, thom, and mark. Rob went home with ~24 bucks after getting into the game with 5 dollars. Me and randal were only down about 6 dollars each. Good time had by all, no one lost too much, except maybe dan. Poker night is definitely a big highlight of each month. May have to do a second poker night each month, just guys from the house, and guests of course.
2002-06-29 00:40:35 – Siaokh
For some reason i seriously doubt you will ever meet me. So throw away. Punch. -Tim
2002-06-29 02:27:14 – Disco X
I think she was talking to me timmy my boy. And most women quicckly lose violent thoughts upon meeting me, unless that is the kind of sex they like. And why are you in Texas LQ geek? And where are you at? I’m from San Antonio myself.
2002-06-29 14:58:15 – Burnz
Dammit Girlie, you make people who defend you look bad when you do things like that. You are making me take Disco’s side so bloody well play nice with the masses. *throws up hands in exasperation*. Yeah tony, but I acted on instinct and desperation, you specifically sought out a bike to urinate on when you had a perfectly accessible bathroom. In my sickly state, I was unable to make that choice.
2002-06-29 15:33:52 – tony
hey, do me a favor burnz, next time you’re down in the springs come by the house and clean your dried up puke off my sofa.
2002-06-29 21:57:51 – Siaokh
Disco… I’m in Dallas… there’s a LQ in North Richland Hills… but that’s like an hour and a half away, so i havent played there. According to the LQ website, they’re constructing one to be opened in september in Plano, so i’ll be playing there. Punch. -Tim
2002-06-30 02:30:04 – PINKy
so, on the terroist note….all the motherfuckers check all the arab motherfuckers and then throw in some white people to make everyone happy. we racially profile, but at least the old woman gets frisked too. uh, i forgot what the fuck else i was going to say…meh. yay beer
2002-06-30 13:27:56 – Disco X
Hey Neth, is there a CoS grotto in the springs?
2002-06-30 21:14:45 – Girlie
i never said i play well with others. besides, most of it was taken not how it was intended. defend me or dont, whatever. not a big deal to me.
2002-07-01 01:48:37 – Disco X
I would like it to be known that Neth has typed "fuck" 6 times in this thread. Girlie: That is another cop out. Either apologize, or admit to being a cunt so we can respect you for that.
2002-07-01 01:53:26 – rand0m
Jesus Christ, can you be any more of an ass? We need a new topic. and I can’t write. Help?
2002-07-01 02:55:30 – Disco X
I don’t think so. She pushed one of my buttons. You know, the one marked "DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON" And I suddenly feel the need to have sex with a twelve year old girl. In a Hotel.
2002-07-01 02:58:48 – Disco X
And for the record, I am serious, I have much more respect for someone that admits to something without lame ass excuses than someone who does something to be an asshole/cunt and then doesn’t have the fortitude to own up to it. You know, like me 🙂
2002-07-01 07:18:54 – tony
shoot, it’s 7ish am and now first new day in house with 4 guys, myself included randal-he knows what "stupid" is and what is "stupid" shawn-skeletor matt-prince of the geek tony-i’m not a fucking geek, fuck you, now give me something to pee on! randal gonna be turning 20 here soon, and he should be posting news about something exciting coming up middle o da month we gonna grill some salmon tonight, picked up a huge fucking fish from wallyworld for 8 bucks and got some cabbage leaves, lemon, and dill to grill up some goodness we got too much crap in this house now, anyone want to buy furniture?
2002-07-01 07:50:01 – Girlie
oh, ok, fuck you too. being called a bitch, again, i never said i wasnt one. but dont fucking call me a cunt. thats a place you have no right to go. and as for apologizing- you took what i said entirely the wrong way, so i feel no need to apologize. as for further replies to this, im sure we should spare everyone else… i have email.
2002-07-01 10:23:12 – Disco X
Okay, I apologize for using the evil "c" word. See how easy that was?
2002-07-01 14:15:19 – Disco X
Perhaps I shold write a post? I’m feeling in a feisty mood this week.
2002-07-01 21:18:40 – realbighead
how is being called a cunt worse than being called a bitch? I doubt Disco really intends any linguistic subtlety involved, so it kinda comes off as a weak attempt to put up a fight. I’d say he has about as much right to call you either; doesn’t mean he’s correct, but hey. Oh, and none of this e-mail jazz; if all the flames and rants drop out of the public eye, randal’s readership will drop like mad.
2002-07-01 22:04:54 – rand0m
Yes, please continue to flame publicly — I’m not the only one who thinks it’s fun to watch. 😉
2002-07-01 22:07:58 – Disco X
Sorry guys, she already made up with me over email. I can’t hold a grudge for more than a day even without something like that.
2002-07-01 23:53:33 – Girlie
I’m really not that bad… I swear. 🙂 go there. laugh your ass off. people have too much time on their hands.
2002-07-02 05:20:12 – tony
so, posting about the original context of the post, particularly ummmm what’s his name, ummm, jared, right, so anyway, jared’s comment about homel@nd security, etc… alright, so my thing is, after all the press about government cracking down on copyright protection, and on invading privacy, and all this extra bullshit, being able to open any international mail, because of ?suspicion?… not only does this intense change in law make me uncomfortable, but so uncomfortable, i think what can i do about this… what can you do about this? this bastardization of our liberties
2002-07-02 10:02:34 – rand0m
You can write that old meany-weany Bush a nasty letter and hope that he changes things, or you can contact your local congressperson, get chummy, begin your own political career and take the machine down from the inside. Or you could just move to Canada.
2002-07-02 15:43:30 – Disco X
I think Randall should write a post about his desire to have sex with a 12 year old catholic school girl in a cheap hotel room.