from the trenches of hell …

So I thought I’d put something up just to do it. I have a hair of free time right now [well, all morning] and my website and my fans deserve all the love and attention that I can douse them with.

So far, Utah is everything I thought it would be — dreary, terrible weather, unbelievably intolerable family, and the kicker, a bed that is a futon! Yesterday was pretty hellish … went over to the grandparents’ house, and it was really sad. It made my insides ache to be over there: it just reaks of impending death :-/ Ditched out of there, and went shopping with my sister. I have very little to say about that besides “there are lots of hot girls here in UT, and they are all married by age 20.” The shopping was blah. Didn’t go see LotR, because every theatre in town was sold out :: I guess ritualistic satan worshipping really rakes in the bucks here.

Today, I have done nothing besides sitting here with my laptop on this nice futon and surfing / doing some light work. Fixed a couple small website issues, and spoke to Jack. Heading out to celebrate my dad getting a job [that’s another news post] at Red Lobster … I hear that everyone is out from college — which means nothing to me because I’m here in UT. But yea, apparently Laura is headed into town, Emily was out yesterday, Sammi is on her way as well [I think]. That’s the gist. And, in other news, The Burnz continues to be the good brother when it comes to mind-bending, heart-impaling situations — especially when it cames to Paco, and his gang of angry felonious-walmart-box-stackers.

2001-12-20 16:04:46 – Burnz
Lawrence, not Paco.
2001-12-20 17:23:05 – rand0m
Lawrence, Paco, Jesus, Roberto … they’re all angry-mexican names. Not my job to keep them straight when relaying stories about how Burnz sets them G-Funks straight by gettin all up in their whack-ass-fly face and showing them muddafuckahs who’s The Man. 🙂