ahhhh hell

So I’m here in Utah already. Woke up around 4am and was out of the springs by five — which means I was here at 3. I got a phone call from steve, which kicks ass — I guess that if you call my phone while I’m here in UT, I’ll still get it. That’s pretty damn cool. Anywho, figured out some shipping issues with my laptop battery and got a dial-up account for here in UT [via UUNet, w0o!]. And that’s all so far.

The drive consisted of me listening to some CDs with my big headphones on while being unable to hear anything else. Oh, and sleep. Lots of sleep. Unfortunately, though, I’ve been here less than 2 hours and I’ve already been hit with the “so, I hear you’re losing your license” thing twice. My mother’s inability to keep private shit private is one of the top 3 reasons I really, really didn’t want to come — the other two are 1) family and 2) I’m missing shit back home. I know, I know, I should love my family and value the time I spend with them and blah blah blah. You’re right. It’s difficult to do, though; my family is very difficult to spend time with. Oop, family is back and they want the phone. I’ll update with more of the tragedy later tonight.

Update: Tonight was really low-key … I did absolutely nothing besides snooze, read and surf the web. I really really really hope that the rest of the trip is like this. Oh, on another note … I got a call from this particular hotty in co.springs, and she told me that she shaved her legs. So HA, I win!

2001-12-18 23:43:10 – Master Ha-reed
The Fellowship of the Ring owns you! Go see it!!! NOW!!!
2001-12-19 00:13:57 – rand0m
Ass. [ – bitterness – ] … there’s a small chance I’ll see it while I’m here in Utah … really slim :-/ … Anybody who hasn’t seen it come 12/27 should see it with me 🙂
2001-12-19 04:13:54 – Laura
yeah, like the show movies in utah…hahahaha. i am jealous. i’m glad that girls shaves her legs? does she want a cookie? i shave my legs too. i’m going to eat a cookie. also, on the legs note. i got into a fight with matt hix about showering and how frequent, etc. it should be. he says that he can tell, with his super human powers (call batman!), when someone is covering up the fact they haven’t showered. this includes putting on deoderant if not showering a certain morning. alright, it’s definitely the stupidest thing i’ve ever fought with anyone about. discuss.
2001-12-19 05:46:32 – Burnz
Ooo, rand0m. I never go to movies anymore. Sunday the 30th, you, me, Lord of the Rings? Other little bitches can come too, but I will insult the shape of their head. Or if they are Tore, the total lack of sex in his life….hahahahaha. And I use my "Filth-o-meter" to determine when someone has showered and my "French-o-meter" to determine when someone has shaved their legs. Actually the French-o-meter works for both….now that is good Frog bashing humor people.
2001-12-19 13:11:59 – realbighead
wow, matt’s on a roll.
2001-12-19 16:49:54 – tone-loc
ring of the lords ruled!!! ha ha, and of course, i drank in downtown for 4 glorious hours, getting fuctdrunk in teh afternoon (wait, that’s lord of the rings, and it’s awesome too) so, here’s the deal, we are having a little get together on new years… so far, just a few have been invited, and of those, only 1 guest per invited person… just to keep it somewhat manageable… no drugs of course, on premises, backyard included… but, maybe a keg i am hearing… and try to keep it low on the under 21 if you’re 19-20, yeah, that’s okay
2001-12-19 19:24:14 – Laura
Indeed, everyone has these damn restricions on their parties. then they’re too obsessed with the rules ot have any fun…i think i will find another. if i can’t do cocaine and have my 14 year old boys there, what the fuck will i do? oh wait, i don’t know any 14 year-old boys…damn.
2001-12-19 20:49:27 – tony tony tony
yo laura, yo girl, i be needing some kizo for mah nizzo yo, same yay yo! worddd!
2001-12-19 21:30:52 – Burnz
I’m with Laura. If a guy in a beat leather jacket that is chain smoking lucky straights isn’t selling needles for 10.00 a pop then you can’t even call it a party. Hell, with the setup you’ve got going, I’ll ship my daughter over with her 4th grade class to do their rendition of "Daisies and other Forest Friends". It is a musical bit that should appease you fucking pink streamer types. And you can borrow Polo, he is my 14 year old "Masseuse (or however it is spelled)". He won’t even cry, but will insist on sitting in the closet after making love and cradling his corn doll while he mutters in whatever gutter language his quarter-dog race speak. Mexi-Doberman I think.
2001-12-19 22:36:57 – Laura
it’s good to know someone isn’t all about regulation here. and isn’t it shizzo my nizzo? because it’s supposed to be show no [insert word]….riiiight. why would you have a 21+ party? i mean, don’t people over 21 get trashed at clubs on new years eve and fuck? i thought i had *something* to look forward to. on that note, i might have a shin dig at my place, with alcohol (which people can pitch in for), and cocaine and heroine for burnz. actually, i don’t know. my mom will probably be there, and i don’t think she’ll care, but if my brother is home, then that may be an issue. plus, there would be no hooking up, unless it’s on my neighbor’s front lawn, just because i want to take pictures and blackmale you. although, free booze is compelling, so we’ll see. and i’m a fun fucking drunk, you should feel honored to have me at any party you hold. plus, considering tony knows all of us, we’re good people. also, if you have no friends, and want to give your "one guest allotment" to me for my friends, then that would be cool too….muhahaha. i think i know some girls, although, that’s debatable. i mean, what is the guy/girl ratio gonna be? and, with that said, are any of the guys hot? these are the critical questions. i also suggest you create a rule that requires tore to juggle midgets, or randal. also, will there be low light, music and dancing? because i will bring CDs with party music as opposed to shitty techno it’s impossible to dance to unless you’re at a rave or cat stevens. bitterness abounds….
2001-12-19 23:53:36 – The Disco X
Drugs are Bad M’kay? I’ve tried one ilicit drug in my entire life, and it was pretty dissapointing.
2001-12-20 01:12:29 – rand0m
being a pretty big guy, I don’t think you took enough. I was blazed, and I had a good time, but I don’t think I’ll do it again [ever?]. ahh well, to each their own.