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So this morning [friday] was one of those “reminisce-and-hate-myself but realize-that-life-goes-on” mornings … hit me really bad while I was taking a shower. I hate it when that happens.In general I mean … the shower is immaterial 😉 I am noticing, however, that they happen less and less — A Good Thing I suppose.

I didn’t go to Denver today. I am so glad. Too much of goddamn Denver recently … I mean, it’s a happening place, and it’s always fun, but it’s so far away, and the driving and the gogogogogo … sometimes it’s just too much. I might go up there tomorrow and spend saturday and sunday. not a bad idea … hrmm …

Do you know someone who needs reliable winter transportation that will last a long time but doesn’t look so hot? Well, if you do, point them to me :: I have a white 1982 Toyota 4×4 for sale. ~25k on a *new* motor, less 10k on a new tranny … extremely well maintained. Asking $3.5k, negotiable — 964.4504 or e-mail me. Thanks.

Can you believe that I recieved 73 pieces of spam from friday, 12:01am until friday 11:59pm!? That’s fucking rediculous. Seriously, I have wasted just over 85 *MB* of disk space on spam. That’s a lot of goddamn bullshit e-mail. Sure, I have it set up so that all the spam is auto-redirected straight to the trash, but jesus, that’s a lot of wasted bandwidth and time. I am really considering just filtering out whole domains … it’s fucking whack … I should just Shut That Shit Down (new catch phrase :-D)

Update: There is a new Starwars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones trailer running around on the internet, which I handily snagged — it is available right here: rand0m.org/misc/ep2_mysterydvd_480.mov :: 12.8MB. I haven’t seen it yet, though, cuz I’m on dial-up :: enjoy! Tonight I’m gonna go see “Heist” after chilling at the perk. ‘night

2001-11-10 02:02:49 – Laura
The Rules of Romance, according to Laura 1. Don’t sleep with James or Dave, ever 2. Don’t sleep with most people in Colorado Springs 3. Removal of clothing does not = foreplay and better not make me want to thorw up 4. You better let me be done before you. Let’s just leave it at that. this may explain their lack of long term relationships….and thus bitching. also, to add to the incubusness. they didn’t come out and sign anything, but when i went backstage, i saw no doubt just chillin, it was cool as hell. they’re all so hot!
2001-11-10 02:29:45 – The Disco X
Try getting a sense of humor laura, it would do you well, and might contribute to a guy sleeping with you because he genuinely liked you, instead of because you were there and willing. And I have never had a lack of long term relationship when I wanted it. My last two have actually bveen ruined by the female in question, mainly because 95% of women are flaky. I’m usually lucky and get the stable ones, but not always.
2001-11-10 02:31:59 – The Disco X
Darnit randall, when are you gonna do the edit thing, that came out a lot more bitter than I intended.
2001-11-10 10:57:34 – rand0m
sorry … the authentication thing was buggy as fuck … I’m rewriting it, so comment editing will be back [sometime]. And I like the whole ‘shutting down’ thing … it just … I don’t know, makes me feel powerful 😉 hahahahaha … sOo, what’s everyone up to this fine saturday?
2001-11-10 15:08:21 – The Disco X
And laura, who says I would sleep with you? As soon as I get mine, I’m taking off to sleep in my own bed, not the sleazy hotel you suggested.
2001-11-10 15:55:01 – tony
i am hungover in alamosa i would sleep with laura, only, i’m not kermit or craig james, teach me kendo randal, shut that shit down janelle, stop work, enjoy high school annie, stop the smack craig, you snowboarding? steve, you lucky bastard cosmosmoon, first name? tore, break down, and buy randal’s truck mike, tony has sasha ticket, you should go! spammers, fuck off
2001-11-10 17:12:07 – The Disco X
sorry tony, I have a religous objection to teching the methods of violence Try the dojo’s around the area.
2001-11-10 17:12:30 – The Disco X
and you’ve meet cosmomoon
2001-11-11 09:30:26 – Laura
James, if i had 7 eyes and a third arm, you’d still sleep with me 😛 baaaa!
2001-11-11 12:09:58 – cosmosmoon
Tore, it’s Emily. I’m absolutely hurt that you don’t know me…..
2001-11-11 12:18:33 – cosmosmoon
sory Tore/Tony….am tired and have therefore given up intelligence.
2001-11-11 14:07:30 – The Disco X
HA! James only goes after the most beautiful women he can, which is why he is dissapointed most of the time.
2001-11-11 15:29:48 – The Disco X
oh my http://www.laurianna.com/laurianna/view.asp?ID=2030002560
2001-11-11 17:40:50 – Laura
james, dave doesn’y count as a beautiful woman 🙂 emily, sorry bout the incubus concert. i didn’t get your IM until too late. sheep
2001-11-11 18:43:16 – cosmosmoon
s’okay, I had a wonderful time working in the computer lab instead…..