concert, today

So I went to the Incubus concert last night with Laura, who was sick. We loaded up all her shit into my car, and drove down there … before that, though, I had been informed that there might not be two tickets. So … we got there and found some peepz selling their’s, so we bought 2, and then sold one to some guy [who was “hottt”]. Went into the concert and it was hoppin. The band was really good … the lead guy can really sing, the one guitar guy had big-ass hair, and the mixing guy was the shit. The whole night, though, all I heard was “look at him, no shirt, he’s sOooOooo hot!” … all the teeny-boppers were going goddamn nuts over the singer guy. To each their own … I just went crazy over all the chicks 😉

Anywho, Laura and I chilled up in the front pit for like 25 minutes, but then I had enough, cuz it was fucking brutal … people getting knocked down and stepped on, beat up, crowd surfers falling on their heads … I headbutted Samantha Grabowski [teh grabbar! (inside joke)] … she was there, but she didn’t recognize me. Laura and I talked to her in the back for a while … she completely ignored me cuz … well, I’m me … Laura went back up to the front, and I chilled in the middle. It was fun, but Incubus isn’t my type of music … I think the Orbital concert fit me a lot better than this one. I’m really glad I went though :: I had a great time 😀

2001-11-09 12:58:22 – The Disco X
Isn’t that the redhead you were drooling over when you were in high school?
2001-11-09 14:01:13 – rand0m
nope … Samantha Garrett was not a redhead, and I only drooled over her for a while. The Grabbar is a 5’2" wanna-be-hippy chick who thinks she’s really smart but isn’t, and consequently has a massive arrogancy complex.
2001-11-10 13:03:19 – rev
if you liked orbital, you should go to: -sasha and john digweed @city aud on nov 17 -carbon@city aud on nov 23 both are gonna be hella awesome