Quite Irritating

Okay, so I picked up the honda the other day, and the radiator cracked. So today, I bought a new radiator and installed it. Drove it around, everything works great. WOoOOOoo! Driving back to the geekpad after getting some grub with mike and craig, and the honda won’t go. The light turns green, I hit the gas to turn right onto wahsatch from boulder, and nothing happens. Car just kind of sits there, revving. Fuck. Get out, push car around corner. Quite irritating, pushing cars around.

Pop the hood, nothing looks wrong. Quite odd. Get inside, try to go, nada. If I release the clutch while in neutral, the car stalls. Getting it into gear is difficult, and if it’s in gear and I gas it and release the clutch, the car doesn’t go. It’ll rev up until the clutch actually releases, at which point the car stalls. I have zero idea what this means, but I’m pretty sure that it has something to do with the clutch / transmission. again. Quite irritating. grr.

Driving the truck home tonight [after walking back to the pad], and I notice a weird sound … kind of like sharpening a knife on a rotating rock or the sound of two dimes being rubbed together. Kind of difficult to describe. Anywho, it makes this sound whenever I’m running at 2800 RPMs or higher. I have no idea what this is either. Grr. Quite irritating also.

So that’s that. Saw Mike Lee for the first time in forever tonight. He’s working @ MCI doing Long Distance customer support … he makes more than I do [yea, how’s that for twisting the knife, eh?] and enjoys it [i think]. He does lots of drugs. still. He looks to have cleaned up a bit, which is quite good. He mumbles and talks in a low voice all the time, though, which is again, quite irritating.

My parents are leaving Utah tomorrow morning to come home. I have no idea when they’ll actually get here. I hope it’s not until tuesday. I am not looking forward to this – my mother is quite irritating. They do, however, leave on saturday for some shindig or another. I was informed via phone that there is indeed a Cold Stone Creamery in the springs now … I might have to go there for lunch tomorrow. Oh wait, can’t. Scratch that. Grr.

It looks like I have very, very bad luck with all things car related. I really hate that because they are a part of everyone’s daily life. I’d like to get an integra or an accord or some other car that is reliable. and is pretty fast. and looks good. and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. oh that’s right, those cars don’t exist. Grrr. Yup, here it comes :: Quite Irritating. ‘night

2001-08-27 16:04:39 – bastard
You should get a 2002 mini cooper. They’re fast, reliable, and for a new car, relatively cheap…. not as cheap as a geo metro or a ford aspire though.
2001-08-27 16:09:01 – Burnz
Well as long as we are sharing shitty car stories: As I was going to mail my resume to yet another company I managed to actually hit a pedestrian. I just tapped him, and in all fairness to him I was at a red light, although I was trying to take a right hand turn. And he is legally blind. Yep, I hit a cripple. He said he wouldn’t sue, but who knows. Running out of money, and this is something that I would put on my site if I had my goddamn computer. Oh good, Nirvana on the radio, that should be a real pick me up. Glad to hear about Mike, he is turning into a real winner. /me hangs myself with piano wire.
2001-08-27 16:48:24 – The Disco Nova
Want the Neon? I’m selling it for $2500. It had been sitting in the carport, without being started for a year. Last week we put a new battery in it and it started up like a champ. Only 3000 miles on the tranny.